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After Effects Tips: Standing on a Moving Car

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If you haven’t been following Jordy and his team, then you’re missing out!

We have shared several of Jordy’s posts in the past, and it is amazing how far he’s come! I’m sure Jordy would tell you that all of his fame and fortune are because we gave him his start (LOL).

planet5D posts featuring Jordin:

I wanted to introduce you as well because we’re hosting a giveaway/contest for Jordy because he’s about to hit 500,000 subscribers on his youtube channel!

We’ll be launching that later this week so keep your eyes peeled for that.

But also have a look at this sample I’ve picked from Cinecom’s recent tutorials. Note how entertaining and incredibly useful this post is!

Standing on a Riding Car in After Effects – Learn how to create an action car chase scene with simple editing tricks and motion tracking in Adobe After Effects. Make your Project look professional with a thrilling action movie scene that amazes the audience.

Via Cinecom:

Welcome back you guys to another Copy Cat Friday. If you are here for the first time, then I wish you a heartily welcome to our website and community of awesome filmmakers. Because we are so into Visual and Special effects these days we had the idea to keep Cop Cat in the same trend. So we came up with doing a stunt on a car. If you ever saw action movies, you probably know that they all have a car chase or stunt with a car. Especially with all the fast and furious movies, who solely exist out of car chases and stunts. So we thought to ourselves that it would be the perfect theme to test our visual effects skills on. However, we made the scene a little less action and a bit more comedy.

Read full article at Cinecom “Standing on a Riding Car in After Effects”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Cinecom)

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