The Great Movidiam Studio Tour Promo Video – Worth a Watch!

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When the Movidiam team sent this Movidiam Studio Tour promo to me, I was skeptical, I mean who makes a promo video that's really funny these days?

But you've got to see this – it is very creative and funny.

And the folks at Movidiam provided some great info on the setup and behind-the-scenes which you can see below.

The Movidiam Studio Tour

Movidiam takes comedian Tom Davis on an epic tour of their creative network

Via Movidiam Press:

The Studio Tour is the latest video in Movidiam’s #nopressure campaign. Comedian Tom Davis is taken on a white knuckle ride around the world; from an LA studio backlot to the foothills of the Himalayas, his intrepid Movidiam tour guide introduces the network.

The project was created and delivered inside 4 weeks to promote the speed and capabilities of the network to create always-on-content. Produced by Albane Prioux, the team was made up entirely of companies and freelancers from the network. Prioux commented “Movidiam makes the production process much easier by giving access to amazing talent. Within a few hours, I was able to put together a team that was perfectly suited to the project objectives.”

The VFX was created by London based post-production company WeAreFormation. VFX supervisor Louis Du Mont noted that “It was a challenging project to turn around in such a short period of time with the team but by using Movidiam’s briefing service we were able to quickly source several additional matte artists remotely which significantly eased the pipeline.”

Movidiam co-founder Alex Vero said “As many brand CMO’s and agency CEO’s look to platforms to create content in 2018, we’ve been looking into new and innovative ways to improve our matching process. We’ve been investing heavily in machine learning to help our human account managers put together the very best options for our clients every time.”

Having recently raised a further round of funding, the startup is one of the fastest growing in the creative sector and is capitalising on the trend towards agile working. With a curated network of over

16,000 creatives in over 170 countries, the company has already signed up brands including US tech giants Facebook, Google, Dell EMC and Tesla to the service as well as many of the leading global creative agencies and production companies.

Movidiam is the global creative production platform, comprising of a world-class creative network, complemented by tools that blend hiring, communications and payments. By providing a platform to connect brands and agencies with creative talent, we’re simplifying the complexities of content creation.

Going on Tour with Movidiam

Via Movidiam:

How do you showcase a network of over 16,000 creatives in 170 countries around the world? That’s the challenge we gave creative directors Chris Lawson and Simon Friedberg. It was a tough brief, not only did they have to create a video that achieved the objective of raising awareness of the capabilities of the platform but it also came with the added pressure of it being scrutinized through the lens of the industry.

Two days later Chris and Simon presented the big reveal. Out of all the ideas, the tour of the network was the clear winner. Then the reality hit that actually filming at Paramount Studios, traveling to Kenya and transporting the buggy, actors, and crew to the Himalayas wasn’t going to happen. Not only would it have been logistically complex and time-consuming; but our budget definitely didn’t stretch much further than covering the insurance for the acting talent and crew going on a safari tour.

Just to add a further layer of complexity, we set the challenge of hiring exclusively through the Movidiam network. Plus, going for comedy that is notoriously difficult to get right and executing the project from concept to distribution in 4 weeks!

Original idea of comedian taking the client for a joy ride

Within a couple of days, the creative had been refined and we’d started talks with a number of comedians, hired a talented young French producer based in London, shortlisted several comedy directors and decided to shoot the entire production over 1 day in a green screen studio. Without travel, the VFX was suddenly going to become an integral part of the production.

Initial creative concept – Final delivery

Script complete, storyboards in development and acting talent in final negotiations, we’d also contacted Peter Elmore from the platform, a knowledgeable DoP with a huge amount of shooting for VFX experience. Studio booked with a few days to go, golf buggy and crew hired, perfect… all set.

Read full article at Movidiam “Going on Tour with Movidiam”

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