TODAY! First Episode of Westdoc Online: Free Live Video Webinars

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I had a very nice chat yesterday with Chuck Braverman who is putting this new Westdoc Online together and I think it will be very cool to tune in.

And it will be exciting to see this as it unfolds because everyone knows online is the place to be right? I like the thought of taking an existing well established conference for Documentary and Reality communities and making at least part of it more accessible by bringing the content online.

So you should tune in TODAY! And see how it unfolds. I know I'll be there.

Westdoc Online: Free Live Video Webinars

Via Westdoconline:

The original Westdoc Conference was an annual, three day get together in Hollywood, hailed as the “go-to” conference for the Documentary and Reality communities. It offered unparalleled access to senior network executives, program buyers and top production companies and had an exciting all day “PitchFest.” Filmmakers came from around the world.

Westdoc Online takes the best elements of the original conference and brings them to you live and free, with on line video webinars, and on demand. No travel, no TSA, no hotel, no $1400 conference pass. On a bi-weekly schedule starting in January we plan to have a series of conversations with the most compelling producers, directors, network executives and programmers, festival directors, and techies from around the world. Our guests will be on their own webcams at their desks in their office or home.

We will air live on this website, YouTube, Facebook, and on our sponsors sites. If you miss the live broadcast, you can find all the programs and the video catalog on those sites.

The first program tomorrow on will be about promoting your documentary film to Oscar voters.

BTW, Tuesday is the day the first Documentary short list may be announced for the Oscar race.

See the Series Premiere Here
Tues, December 5th
9:30 AM Los Angeles
12:30 PM New York/Toronto
5:30 PM London
11:00 PM Mumbai

Our guests include;

Tom Oyer, the awards manager for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

Julie Goldman, Oscar nominated producer of Weiner, and her latest, The Final Hour

Scott Feinberg, media writer for The Hollywood Reporter

David Magdael, Public Relations guru for David Magdael and Associates, and

Peter Hamilton, moderator, network media consultant of Peter Hamilton Consultants

If you miss the live show, you can go to and catch up. Stay tuned.

About Chuck Braverman

Chuck Braverman is the co-founder of the original Westdoc Conference and the owner and executive producer of the new Westdoc Online. He is also a long time documentary filmmaker with an Oscar nomination and a DGA win for different films. He has run his own successful production company, been a senior studio executive at Sony, a teacher at USC Cinema, the Chair of the Film Department at Brooks Institute, the director of many scripted television episodes, several MOW’s and an indie feature film.

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