LensProToGo Announces Merge With Lensrentals

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This is pretty big news if you haven't already heard it… LensProToGo and Lensrentals merged.

Could be really great for those in the USA. I love LensProToGo and I know many who love Lensrentals as well.

LensProToGo Merges With Lensrentals

Via LensProToGo Blog:

This week, we announce to the world that we will be merging with our friends and largest competitor, Lensrentals. As some of you may already know from personal experience, the team at Lensrentals in Memphis runs a great business, take wonderful care of their customers and they will be an amazing partner for us at LensProToGo.

So, if things were going so well at both companies, why did we do this? First, it’s important to note that both companies have been thriving for a long time now. We are both focused on getting everything right for our customers while providing an easy and wonderful experience. But like all successful companies, we want to be even better in our second decade of existence.


Together, we’ll be able to leverage all of the strengths of both companies. Lensrentals is amazing at leveraging technology and logistics to manage the movement and maintenance of the largest rental inventory in the world. Being centrally located near the FedEx hub in Memphis has allowed them to efficiently ship to and from all corners of the country.

LensProToGo’s strengths include providing amazing service to all of our customers large and small. Many of you already know that when you have a question about your upcoming shoot, call us up and we’re here to offer you our unbiased help. Need a particular solution for a huge project you have on the horizon? You know we’re here to craft that custom solution for you. In the car and need to place an order? Give us a ring and we’re here to get that order in for you.

It’s important for you to know that both brands and websites will continue to exist. If you’re a loyal LensProToGo customer and you want to stay with us, great! If you’d like to try Lensrentals for whatever reason, please feel free. If you love picking up gear at any one of our existing pickup locations, those options will still be there for you.

Read full article at LensProToGo Blog “LensProToGo Merges With Lensrentals”

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