Frame.IO Called Company to Watch Out For in 2018 According to VCs

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It is fantastic to watch the progress of companies as they grow and achieve new heights and is one that is busting out!

We covered their launch way back in the day – hard to believe that time moves so quickly!

And over time, they've added more functionality and more integrations and grown their user base.

But look at Business Insider putting Frame.IO in this list of their predictions for the top 50 startups to BOOM in 2018!

Congratulations to the team at Frame.IO!

Frame.IO Among 50 startups That Will Boom in 2018, According to VCs

Via Business Insider:

We reached out to a number of top VCs and asked them which startups will boom in 2018. We invited participation from investors from a variety of backgrounds and investing philosophies. This includes some of the top VCs in the Valley (Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Bessemer, Greylock Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia).

We included VCs of note who specialize in seed and early rounds (8VC, Bloomberg Beta, BBG Ventures — which backs startups with at least one female founder.) We also asked some top VCs from the startup nation Israel (JVP, OurCrowd) and VCs that have been known for picking hits (like IVP's Somash Dash).

We asked them to name a company they've backed that's on track to have a great 2018. After all, they believed in those companies so much they invested. But we also asked them to name another startup they think is cool that they don't have any financial interest in.

Frame.IO: Collaborate on video in private before you post

Company Name: Frame.IO
VC: Jerry Chen at Greylock
Relationship: No relation. VC just thinks it's cool.
Funding: $32.2 million cofounders John Traver (left) and Emery Wells

What it does: lets companies upload work-in-progress video and media into a private workspace so teams and customers can collaborate.

Why it's hot: “They are bringing collaboration to video creation and editing. As video becomes ubiquitous on our phones and wearables, creating a team-based workflow becomes essential,” says Chen.

Read full article at Business Insider.

Note: it is our policy to give credit as well as deserved traffic to our news sources – so we don't repost the entire article – sorry, I know you want the juicy bits, but I feel it is only fair that their site get the traffic and besides, you just might make a new friend and find an advertiser that has something you've never seen before

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