Wiral LITE – Easy and Cheap Wire Cam System for Your Camera

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This was sent in by one of our readers and I don't have any connection with this kickstarter, but I knew some of you would be interested in it.

Of course, the usual “kickstarter” warnings should be attached – you may never see your money again etc LOL.

One question for you experts… how did they eliminate the cable from showing in the shots were the camera was moving in the same direction as the cable is strung?

Also, am I the only one bothered by the statements like “it only took 3 minutes to set up”? Come on, it will take you longer than 3 minutes just to string the cable and attach it to something. Right?

Wiral LITE | The Easy Cable Cam, For Impossible Film Shots

AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs

Via Kickstarter:

Universal Camera Mount – Mount your Favorite Camera on Wiral Lite

Introducing Wiral® LITE – the first affordable, easy-to-use cable cam system for filming with smartphone, action cameras and mirrorless cameras up to 3.3lb (1.5kg).

Quick Setup – Ready to Go in Less than 3 Minutes

Wiral® LITE comes with an intuitive attachment system, making it easy for anyone to set it up in less than 3 minutes.

Why Cable Cam? 6 Reasons to Choose a Cable Cam

cheap cable cam

Drone Vs Wiral Lite

We love drones! However, they have some limitations. With Wiral® LITE you can get close-up film in challenging and narrow places such as the woods, indoor and in crowded places where drones are difficult or even illegal to use.

The Wiral Lite Kit

cheap cable cam

Learn more about Wiral Lite at their Kickstarter Campaign page.

Note: it is our policy to give credit as well as deserved traffic to our news sources – so we don't repost the entire article – sorry, I know you want the juicy bits, but I feel it is only fair that their site get the traffic and besides, you just might make a new friend and find an advertiser that has something you've never seen before

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


  1. Looks pretty cool.

    Regarding taking the cable out – in some shots it was there and just hardly noticeable. However, there’s a quick tool in After Effects that does a pretty good job of it and as long as the camera isn’t moving in relation to the cable would probably take all of 5-10 minutes to sort out and have looking good enough.

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