Do You Have to Use Expensive Camera Gear to Make a Movie?

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I've been watching Simon Cade @DSLRguide for quite a while and he's doing some amazing things with his Canon Rebel T3i.

I think he's right on with this two part series. Especially the second video where he's comparing the $500 DSLR vs more expensive cameras.

He covers Dynamic Range, Sharpness, movement, 4k cropping etc. and he says a lot that warms my heart.

But we all love to get wrapped up in gear, but let's not forget that the whole point of storytelling is what? The STORY!

And if you have a high priced budget then sure, you're going to go for higher priced cameras (and likely renting them too).

Cinematography with Cheap DIY Equipment

Filmmaking can be done on a budget, lets see what we can do with inexpensive gear and household items.

Actor – Mazviona Madzima
Actor – Jack Roper
Producer – Alexa Rodrigues
Host and Creator – Simon Cade

Graded with FilmConvert – 10% off:
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Part 2:


An older video that he did along the same lines:

$500 Camera vs $50,000 Camera

Which is the best camera? A budget Canon DSLR or an Arri Alexa Mini?
Cheap Camera comparison:

Download the original Alexa footage:

Download the original DSLR footage:

(cover photo credit: snap from source in post)


  1. “Do You Have to Use Expensive Camera Gear to Make a Movie?”

    No, but if you plan on having a decent 1080p image, I recommend staying away from Canon DSLR’s cause the video quality they output is just terrible: 720p resolution wise, full of aliasing and more artifacts.

    1. Author

      Eno… all depends on your attitude. There are hundreds of thousands of people creating great stuff on canon gear and again it is all about the story and you’re worrying about the pixels.

      The consumer does not care about those things. They just don’t

  2. @planetMitch

    You are right about the average consumer, but that one is using a phone anyway (that’s why the camera market is in decline year after year since 2013). I think the remaining users (who still buy a dedicated camera) are also more susceptible to invest time in researching the gear before making the purchasing decision. In this case except Pentax, everything out there (I’m referring to ILC’s, not dedicated video cameras) yields better video quality than a Canon. And that’s sad cause they where the first to start the DSLR video resolution in 2008. 🙁

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