Scoutt – A Worldwide Platform for Location Scouting for Your Photo/Video Shoot

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Location scouting is hard!

Do you do location scouting? And if you do, wouldn't crowd sourcing be the perfect solution? Of course! LOL

I stumbled into Scoutt the other day and thought I'd post about it so that others might get started. And no, I didn't go searching for other apps… I thought maybe y'all would comment and help me find out if there are others?

I tested this a little bit and didn't find much in my home town of St. Louis.

I was also frustrated (and maybe that's because I have a free account?) that every time I clicked on the MAP button on the menu, it took me to Toronto – not to the last location I was searching. If you start diving down into sample images, wouldn't you want to go back to where you last were on the map and not Toronto? Note: I found a “default location” in settings, but it would still be nice to have it go back to your last searched location.

So there's work to be done, but this could be very useful for photographers/filmmakers wanting to find cool locations if everyone jumped on.

What is Scoutt?

Scoutt is a worldwide platform, designed to help you find, save, share and organize the perfect locations for any assignment.

Upload images found on your recent scouting mission to create a private map of locations you found. Heading to a new city?

Check out the worldwide map of locations shared by other photographers all over the world and share them with your clients for their review.

Scoutt connects photographers from all over the world to help ensure your next assignment has the perfect location.


Features include:

  • Upload GEO tagged images to save locations found while scouting
  • Mark locations as private to keep them hidden
  • Save location into specific collection folders to keep organized

Save Your Locations
Sharing your work with the community has never been easier or been more beneficial.

Take Scoutt When You Scout
Find a neighbourhood that has the perfect feel without driving around searching aimlessly.

Find New Locations
Whether you are a traveling photographer or a local, Scoutt helps you find new locations where you can capture brilliant photos of your clients.

Share Locations With Your Clients
Having a set of locations prepared for a client meeting will help you look like the true professional you are.

Showcase Your Work
You can get lots of work at the venues and exotic locations that you love, just by showing how well you shot that location in the past.

Connect With Other Creatives
Scoutt is a great place to connect with other photographers and creatives, in your community and all over the world.

Learn more about Scoutt and how it works. Check out their FAQs for a list of common questions.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Scoutt)


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