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Location Scouting? Blocker: An Augmented Reality Director’s Viewfinder

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Earlier, I posted this article about crowdsourcing location scouting – well, if you're doing location scouting, then you'll definitely want to consider Blocker (purchase on Apple's App Store) which was featured on VRScout.

We'll be seeing more Augmented Reality (AR) applications coming to all kinds of phones in the coming years, but this one is aimed directly at helping you visualize your film being shot in specific locations. That's very cool!

Just have a look at the sample videos below!

I think you can also imagine this as a tool to improve your story boarding process. It could sincerely help communicate to everyone on the team what needs to be set up in the exact location!

Blocker by AfterNow

Expressive shot design leveraging the power of augmented reality.

Compose Scenes

Rapidly edit the set with virtual objects. Use natural gestures to move, rotate and scale object.

Simulate the Sun

Compose shots with realistic shadows and color, either track the sun or select a time of your choosing.

An Accurate Viewfinder

Select from over 400 cameras and adjust focal length to frame shots accurately.

Data Rich Photos

Important data is embedded in every photo so communicating and sharing with your team is a breeze.

Blocker is a Revolutionary AR Application for Filmmakers

Via VRScout:

The recent release of iOS 11 has ushered in a slate of new AR applications into the mainstream, and while many are just for escapism and fun, others have been designed to enhance our lives and work with the unprecedented functionality. Blocker sets its sights on cinema, letting creatives worldwide optimize the filmmaking process by harnessing the power of mixed reality for conception, composition, and collaboration.

Location Scouting

“Our goal is to pull storyboarding and shot blocking into the real world, so that it’s intuitive and expressive,” said Jesse Vander Does, the Director of Technology at AfterNow, the company behind the application, in a statement.

If AfterNow sounds familiar to you, it’s probably from the the line-around-the-building Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt the company put on at VRLA.

Of course, this tool provides viewfinder and storyboarding features through the camera, but the functionality of Blocker extend beyond basic recording of the world around you. Creators can augment their scenes with 3D models that allow them to actually see what the blocking of a given scene might look like—down to a surprising degree of detail.

Location Scouting

As you can see in the image above, the app includes presets for cameras (400, to be precise) to let creators replicate the end result as closely as possible. This is an especially useful tool for directors wanting to block out their scenes without involving crew-members who don’t necessarily need to be there otherwise.

Read full article at VRScout “Blocker is a Revolutionary AR Application for Filmmakers”

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