New Computational Photography Software Brings Still Photographs to Life!

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Can computational photography bring still photographs spring to life? This BBC Video shows it being done and it is freaky cool. Or is it just freaky?

This is pretty amazing technology and something that could possibly change the future (or am I getting a bit carried away?). Imagine photos of your great-great grand parents suddenly moving.

Another very cool example of computational photography coming to fruition and a cool way to bring life to older images. Just have a look at the video and see what they did with Abraham Lincoln!

Filling in things like wrinkles and mouth interiors from other people might be a little weird tho. I know someone who has a gap in his front teeth… if they animate his photo and the gap isn't there (because they used someone else's mouth interior) will it look really creepy?

Still Photographs Spring to Life

Via BBC:

New software makes it possible to breathe life into still photo portraits.

(note, the video isn't embeddable so click the image to visit the BBC's site for the video – it is worth it!)

The project was developed in Israel with the help of a leading social network.
It has the potential to become the net's next viral hit, but also has more serious long-term uses, as one of its creators explains.

Read this article at BBC “Still Photographs Spring to Life”

(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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