Should I Buy a New Camera

Should I Buy a New Camera? The Answer is Often NO

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I know, you're shocked… I'm telling you that the answer to “Should I buy a new camera?” is no.

I can hear you now… “but planetMitch, you're writing a gear blog!”

But really, we're not JUST about gear (tho I have had a lot of people tell me that's all they think we write about).

The gear is part of the method to the madness.

And as you probably know, I follow the escapades of Simon Cade and not long ago I saw this video about how he's holding on to his older camera and still making great content. I knew I had to share it with you!

Remember, it isn't about the gear, it is about the story!

Why I Still Won't Buy a New Camera

Via Youtube Description:

Why I'm still not interested in the Sony A7S ii, Panasonic GH5, or Arri Alexa.

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Host and Creator – Simon Cade
Assisstant Editor – Jamie McKernan

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  1. I am using HD cameras that I bought in 2012 and will continue to do so until a CUSTOMER specifically requests 4K. And even then I will hesitate because I’m not going to buy new computer and camera gear just to accommodate one client–unless that one client is paying me a ****load of money. The only people who think they need 4K are the other camera guys–and camera manufacturers. Until my cameras break I’m using them because they continue to make excellent pictures. As for the A7 R III … I will take my a6000 mirrorless cameras for still work any day over a more expensive camera. 24 MP is just fine and will continue to be for a very long time. What’s going on in the industry is nothing short of brain washing!

    1. Author

      Hey John. Yes, there’s plenty of legs in the old tech! We tend to forget that and get wrapped up in gear lust.

  2. 4k Isn’t just about producing higher resolution work. It is an invaluable tool for shooting interviews with one camera, cropping the frame, and outputting 1080p. For someone who travels a lot to shoot interviews, this saves me an incredible amount of space while traveling not having to bring a second camera and sticks. It’s unreasonable to expect the interviewees to say everything their going to say smoothly in one take.

    1. Author

      Hi Paul. This was mentioned in the video. Of course, everyone has their own opinion and what works for them. I tend to believe that there’s some value in shooting in 4k – but there’s also a lot of value in doing what ever needs to be done to get the work the client needs. Whether 1080 is your tool or 4k

      1. I just think this logic applies to people doing low end indy film, low budget projects, personal stuff, etc. In the video they are talking about a film budget at .6 %. For corporate work you should be charging 10% cost per camera per day. If you have 11 production days a year, after the first year, the camera is paid for and going forward its profit. Its a long term investment that should make you money ultimately. Not having the right camera prevents you from taking on a lot of work from dp’s when its not your own project to decide.
        Not saying you should run out and buy a red, but using a camera with stuff like built in nd’s and xlrs, dual slots, prevents the need for lots of other gear to be purchased and powered, increases setup time and complexity

  3. important to know is, a new camera doenst make better pictures. There is a huge “BUT”.
    BUT, very often a newer better camera gives me much more options and possibilities. So you cant really answer this question with “yes” or “no”

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