Adobe Cloak is Content-Aware Fill for Video! This is INSANE!

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This Adobe Cloak sneak peek at Adobe Max is just fricking cool!

Who knows when/if it will ever make it into a shipping Adobe product, but it is awesome.

If you don't know, they do “sneak peeks” at their big conference every year. Sometimes the demoed software makes it into an Adobe product, sometimes it doesn't. So please don't take this as gospel and you can't find it in anything shipping today. Sorry.

But it looks cool doesn't it?

#ProjectCloak: Adobe MAX 2017 (Sneak Peeks) | Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Cloak is Content-Aware Fill for Video

Via PetaPixel:

Adobe demoed a number of technologies at Adobe MAX 2017 yesterday, including something called Cloak. It’s basically Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for video — you can easily remove unwanted things from video, as you can see in the 6-minute demo above.

“[Cloak] enables removing unwanted things from a video by imagining what would appear if these unwanted things were removed,” Adobe says.

After creating a mask that selects the object/area in your video you’d like to remove, the system will intelligently fill in that area in each frame.

Selecting a pole that’s obstructing the video of a building in a video.

The results are impressive.


Cloak can remove people entirely from a panning shot.

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