Would You Risk Taking Your Camera Underwater (Much Less a RED)? Devin Graham Shows Us How

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Taking your camera underwater seems like a very big risk to me – and maybe I'm just a very conservative guy (but then again, I've taken my DSLR on water rides at Six Flags and ruined a lens so maybe I should learn!), but our friend Devin Graham shows us the extreme risk by taking his expensive RED underwater.

Especially if you watch the video and hear how Devin ruined TWO DSLRs within 2 days with bad underwater housings. But as with many things in life, he's learned by experience and found gear that he trusts – and that's the key! You have to be able to learn and trust your skills.

This of course also applies to photography if you're so inclined. But frankly, I'd probably just get a GoPro right?

But it depends on the project and the needs of course! There are great reasons to take the risk for the right project, but I also have the nagging suspicion that the vast majority of the general public couldn't tell whether you shot on a RED or a smartphone so for most situations, it may not be worth the risk.

But still… not sure I would risk a RED underwater.

But Devin does!

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Taking your camera underwater

If you want to take it all they way, how about this film from a while ago?


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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