The GH5 is 2017 Camera of the Year

The GH5 is 2017 Camera of the Year?

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Hugh Brownstone says the GH5 is 2017 Camera of the Year – is that what you're thinking?

There are a lot of good things to say about the Panasonic GH5 and tho I haven't had my hands on the Panasonic GH5, I trust Hugh and I think he's got a massive grasp on the latest cameras that have been released in 2017.

Hugh has also written a LOT for planet5D in the past (and we're hoping to have him back regularly very soon) and a lot of you told me how much you enjoy his contributions.

And the Panasonic GH5 is getting accolades from other sites as well (not like Hugh would be out there on a limb or anything! HA).

So, please watch what Hugh has to say about the Panasonic GH5.

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I'm Already Calling It: The GH5 is 2017 Camera of the Year

After plunking down my own hard cash and then using it extensively over the last four months, it's clear to me that the GH5 is peerless for what it does and will not be superseded by any other camera this year. But your mileage may vary. Take a look. [more below]

Table of Contents

0:38: 2017 Camera of the Year

01:18: Recap of analysis before purchase

03:54: My own hard cash; GH5 in use

11:10: Other learnings & nits

20:15: But now I need more, faster storage

21:02: Summary

22:02: The competition

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Gear used:

Panasonic GH5:

Panasonic Leica 15mm f/1.7:

Sigma 30mm f/1.4:

Panasonic Leica 100-400mm f/4.0-6.3:

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 in Nikon mount:

Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 in Nikon mount:

Metabones Speed Booster Ultra Nikon to MFT mount:

Sony UWP D11 wireless lavalier:

RODE Filmmaker Kit wireless lavalier:


Sony ICD-SX2000:

Secced Reach Plus 1 Tripod:

Gitzo Mountaineer Tripod:

Arca Swiss Z1 Monoball:

Aputure LightStorm LS1/S:

Aputure LightStorm 1/2L/w:

Aputure LightStorm COB 120t:

Aputure Light Dome:

Aputure Amaran HR672C:

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If you find this helpful, entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring, or other good stuff, please consider using our affiliate links or chip in a fiver via

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  1. Close but it still suffers from the same problem the GH4 had.

    Both cameras in high fps modes butter down the footage. Theres a very less than desired creaminess to the quality of the footage.

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