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Dolby Cinema Sound – Must Make a Road Trip To A Dolby Cinema Sound Theater!

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Dolby Cinema Sound feels like a must have to me after watching the video below which is a cool look into what goes into Dolby Cinema Sound by RocketJump Film School!

I've been in several sound demos at NAB tho I don't think I've seen anything from Dolby like this.

We all know or have heard the phrase that sound is 50% of the movie experience (which must be painful to read for folks who have hearing issues) and I firmly believe it is true – and I'm no sound expert. But I do know when I hear good sound.

So after watching this video, I've checked to see where the nearest Dolby Cinema Sound theater is and it is only 4 hours from my home over in Kansas City. I've been hunting for a reason for a road trip to KC HA!

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Have you been in a Dolby Cinema Sound theater? If so, please tell me in the comments what you thought and whether I really should jump in the car for that road trip.

Now, if they only made headphones like this!

Notice multiple videos below:

Dolby Cinema Sound Field Trip by RocketJump Film School:

Produced and financed in collaboration with the Dolby Institute. Want to learn more? Check them out here:

RJFS is back!! In this video, we road trip back to Dolby HQ in San Francisco to check out their brand new research lab and theater.

Utilizing Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and comprehensive design, our friends have created an incredible movie-going experience. It sounds dorky but as film nerds, we were genuinely blown away by the sound, visuals, and thoughtfulness that went into building the theater.

To check out your local Dolby Cinema, click here:

Questions for us about the trip or Kevin's new jacket? Hit us up in our forums:

Very special thanks to Glenn Kiser, Nancy Gribler, and Alejandro Arroyo for making this video happen and for being such excellent hosts!

To watch more interviews with filmmakers about the Dolby mastering process:

Another great video we found on the evolution of Dolby surround: – – –

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C|Net checks Dolby Cinema Sound theater

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