CanonRumors Suspects Canon Might Be Releasing New DSLR Series in 2018?

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Note this rumor from CanonRumors is indeed just that, but it could make a lot of sense… after all Canon's been pretty serious about keeping the Cinema EOS line very much apart from the DSLR line. And of course we all know we've all yelled at them about wanting better video in the DSLR line… so again, this might make sense.

But I also suspect it might not be low end (CR suspects it might be APS-C which would be middle ground) if indeed Canon goes this direction.

Big note that CR rated this rumor CR1 – which means it is very much unconfirmed and potentially wrong. But it is intriguing to think about at least.

So the rumor is (as you can read from the CR text below), that Canon might be working on a new DSLR in possibly the Cinema EOS line (or a new line?).

And of course this would be outside the mirrorless arena (heck we don't know if they're going there either!).

But I think it would hopefully satisfy those who still want the DSLR form factor (are there any? LOL — actually there are plenty – I continue to see them all the time).


For the second time in the last couple of months, we’re being told that a new DSLR series will be announced some time in 2018. Neither source could name the series, only that it appeared as a “new DSLR series” in a presentation.

If we’re thinking out loud, I think these would be the obvious candidates.

  • EOS Cinema DSLR
    • A cinema DSLR camera to replace the discontinued EOS-1D C. This has been talked about numerous times over the years.
  • EOS-1D Xs
    • A high megapixel pro series body. Since the amalgamation of the 1D line back in 2009, we’ve always wondered if we’d get a camera like this to truly replace the EOS-1Ds Mark III. 
  • EOS APS-C Cinema DSLR
    • A cheaper 4K cinema alternative that would “protect” the Cinema EOS lineup of cameras.

Hopefully this will bring a bit more information to the surface. For the moment, this is a [CR1] rumor, so please treat it as such.

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Source: New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]


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