Solar Eclipse Photo of the Decade

Solar Eclipse Photo of the Decade – How’d They Make It?

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Is this the solar eclipse photo of the decade? It certainly has gotten a lot of attention and love.

There are also similar attempts for astounding solar eclipse photos – make sure to see the videos below!

Sadly, I was in Phoenix last week for the eclipse – even tho my house was right under the path of totality and I'd been eagerly anticipating the eclipse for over a decade. The good news is that it was worth it, but that's a whole other story (which involves future cash and the ability to travel to any eclipse location I want).

And it isn't like we haven't seen this concept before (see related article below), but this story and photos are indeed astounding.

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Smartly, the team creating the photo documented the attempt of the climber (which is always something you should be considering in case you catch the viral wave!).

Did you have a great photo and a behind-the-scenes? I'd love to see it and maybe share it too.

Solar Eclipse Photo of the Decade?

Some other solar eclipse gems:

I love this 360 video from Anthony Quintano in Jackson Hole

It really gives you the flavor of the event – and if you watch the horizon in the back, you can watch the shadow of the moon come and go! Anthony is the guy in the blue jacket behind the camera.

And who can forget the “OH MY GOD” video from the Solar Eclipse in 2016?


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

one of the sources: ResourceMagOnline


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