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Hands On With The New Nikon D850! Will I Switch?

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The Nikon D850 was announced last week while I was in Phoenix for a business trip and I apologize for not providing coverage. But, that also gives me time to catch up and tho there are a ton of blog posts with the exciting specs, I decided to go after some of the folks who had hands on and can provide some concrete usage info.

I'd love to be able to get my hands on the Nikon D850 for a while as it seems to be a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV killer in many ways – except for the Dual Pixel AF that is Canon's forte. There's a local Nikon D850 event coming to my neighborhood camera shop so I'm going to plan to go to that. But for now, we'll have to post some of the hands-on videos from around the web that are popping up.

On the question of switching? Well, I won't be switching in the near future. Sure the Nikon D850 seems incredible, but I've got a ton of Canon EF mount lenses and it would be cost prohibitive for me to switch. And Canon has that DPAF that I love.

But if you were a new shooter with no investment in lenses, I think I would be very very tempted to go with the Nikon D850 over the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (unless I needed DPAF).

But let's also remember this is a DSLR and not Mirrorless. And does that matter to anyone?

One thing I wish Nikon had done was to put a fully articulating screen on this bad boy. The fact that you can't turn it all the way around so it is front facing is a deal killer for me with articulating screens. And it slays me (still) that the pro shooters in the B&H video talking about how they love the articulating screen – and yet Canon continues to tell me that pro shooters don't want that! I DO! Oh how I wish the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV had a flippy screen like the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

The silent shooting is also killer. As Kai says in his video… it is “pervy” LOL! Not quite the same as the sony a9 with the non-blackout shooting, but still. Very cool. The Canon silent shooting just isn't silent.

So, let's get to the videos… first up is B&H with their full hour long hands on interviews with 4 shooters… it is fascinating to watch the Nikon shooters in the panel really get excited about a new camera!

More Nikon D850 hands on videos

“Home” By Corey Rich – shot on Nikon D850

An interesting comparison with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: (tho I sure don't agree with him on the 4k on the 5D4).


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. Don’t bother with the local camera shop D850 event. They won’t have camera bodies, there will be a Tech Support rep who has never seen a production camera, and you watch a streaming video of 1 host, 2 photographers and the Nikon DSLR Division Head talking about how wonderful it is.

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