Giveaway Winners: Who Won the Benro Aero Tripods?

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We had an awesome giveaway from Benro and I thank them for their prizes – and hopefully you thank them too. I apologize for forgetting to post this right away. I recorded the winning video but then forgot to post.

I certainly appreciate the support from Benro and the Mac Group!

You can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. So here's the giveaway winner page

Benro Aero Tripods:

I found this tutorial featuring the Benro Aero 7 (one of which we gave away) from our friends over at…  Check Benro's Aero site!



Chris from Rhode Island was the first to respond selecting the Benro Aero 7 and said this:

Super excited to win! I’ve been shooting with my Joby Tripod for the longest time but really needed to invest the money into a real quality tripod, now I don’t have to. Thanks Planet5D and Benro!

Calvin from Washington selected the Benro Aero 4

Huseyin from Turkey grabbed the Benro Aero 2

When I selected the winner after the giveaway closed, I recorded this video. Some have asked if I could do it live, but I don't think I should as the winner's full name and email address would be visible and I don't have permission to post those.


(cover photo credit: snap from the giveaway)


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