Can You Use A Cinema Lens on a CellPhone? Yes!

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Yes you can put a cinema lens on a cellphone if you are like Devin Graham (DevinSupertramp) and get one custom made LOL.

Yesterday I posted a story about the tutorial from Richard Lackey on shooting Cinematic iPhone video, and I know there are plenty of folks using the iPhone (or other smart devices) to shoot video either as the main cam or b-cam. It isn't always the perfect tool, but sometimes it works just as well. Heck, in this episode, Devin and team put this in a MōVI rig as well as fly it up on a drone.

It is all about the story right? (And I think these guys sliding down these roads with bits of tire strapped to their feet as brakes is just crazy!).

Of course, this video was sponsored by a smartphone company but it does show what can be done. (I didn't choose the music and sorry, I think it is a bit much).


Video features the Rad Cows. These guys drove and built the rig racers we filmed for this video. There work is insane, Check it out here:

We're used to filming everything on the Red Weapon camera, a 70K camera setup. One of our most requested videos was to shoot on something more “relatable”.

Most of the phone settings used to shoot this video were at:
FPS: 30
Shutter at 1/60, this would get it close to the 24fps at 1/48 shutter that most hollywood films are shot at, since we were shooting at 30fps.

Super thanks to droneworks who played a major role in helping make this video happen. Creating the rigs we used to film.

Massive thanks to Samsung for giving us an opportunity to grow and push ourselves in a way we haven't explored yet in the realm of creating on a phone with cinema lenses.

Check out the other videos from my friends channels that also shot their videos on cell phones as well!



Akilah Obviously



Also huge thanks to Tay Steel who helped shoot this video with me. Follow his amazing work here:

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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