Did You Know? Editor Paul Machliss Cut Baby Driver in Real Time!

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Wow… I didn't know! Did you?

So according to this article on Premium Beat, the movie was so complicated since it was based on the music, that the editor Paul Machliss basically created an edit suite on a cart so he could edit as they were shooting!


I still haven't seen the movie, but I really have to now!

The article stems from a session at NAB 2017 where Machliss presented many different bits about his career. I think it is a MUST read for those of us in the industry.

Just a tiny snippet from the article:

As for the choreographed musical style of the film, Machliss is quick to comment that Wright had a very distinct vision that didn’t wait for audio cues; action would naturally fall to the beat: “I wouldn’t says it’s a musical, it’s a film full of music. But the integration of the two is quite unique.”
The goal was “not make it feel like a musical where everything is heavily choreographed. We didn’t want you to notice that someone puts a bottle down on a chair. It may happen to be on the beat, but we don’t want you to think we are waiting for that moment.”

Baby Driver trailers

I found this collection of trailers and behind-the-scenes bits that helps explain the movie if you haven't yet seen it.


planetMitch note: the article is from premiumBeat, but they didn't ask me to post it nor did they sponsor it… just thought it was dang cool!

Source: How Editor Paul Machliss Cut Baby Driver in Real Time on Location


(cover photo credit: snap from the Baby Driver trailer clip above)


  1. wait until its on netflix. nice shooting, some long steadicam takes, some bad editing. yes I said BAD especially the dinner table in restaurant scene. its like a non-stop music video slightly toned down with casting done by disney HR set to a sound track of recently released B sides.

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