The Greatest Rolling Shutter Demo EVER! Why Are Vertical Lines Crooked In My Video?

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There are a lot of Rolling Shutter Demo videos around the web, but this one from SmarterEveryDay is #11 on the youtube trending list and I just had to share this with you this morning!

There are lots of people who read planet5D and won't find this surprising, but I know there are plenty of noobs who still come here to find help and information about what's going on when they see something they're not familiar with – and the question like ‘why do vertical lines look crooked in my video' come in all the time. Even if you know about rolling shutter, you'll get a kick out of the video – and if you want to see how they made it, make sure to check the behind-the-scenes.

It is great to have a great demo of what is going on when the CMOS sensor in your DSLR or RED or Sony or Canon (heck I could list all the models as just about every camera made these days has a CMOS sensor that scans from top to bottom instead of snapping a frame of video all at once (which by the way is called a “global shutter”)) so you can plan for it if you feel you need to prevent those vertical lines.

Now I've found that most viewers of your video/movie/tv show don't care about those vertical lines, but I know you filmmakers do! So knowing why it is there is a step toward making sure you plan your shots properly.

And the behind-the-scenes below of how they created the demo in After Effects is worth your time as well!

Again, the best demo ever! And if you scroll down to the description (pasted below), there's a PDF with lots of info on the math of rolling shutter

(See below for description from youtube and all the links Dustin shared)

behind-the-scenes of the Rolling Shutter Demo:

Rolling Shutter video description:

Behind the Scenes:…
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Behind the Scenes video of Henry and I discussing the Genius After Effects template he made…

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  1. The same effect occurs with any vertically moving shutter. Graflex photos of a century ago show cars (and other vehicles) leaning forward. The effect isn’t particularly noticeable with modern cameras, as the shutter has only a small distance to move, and moves very quickly,

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