The GaffGun Lays Gaffer’s Tape on the Floor in 10 Seconds

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I confess, I haven't tried this GaffGun and I don't often even have to lay down any tape to cover wires etc, but this looks frigging cool!

Could be a huge timesaver too for those of you who do this often.

Have any of you tried this? Does it work?

Are there similar products out there I should feature? If you have any timesaving tips, please contact me and let me know!


GaffGun | Unboxing, Assembly & Review

This is an unboxing and initial review of the GaffGun. I'll be ordering the official GaffGun tape in hopes that it will perform better and will try to provide an update.

Spotlight Saturday – The GaffGun – May 28, 2016

Michael and Geoff use the GaffGun to put a new spin on securing cabling to the ground. They even have a tape-off to see how much faster the GaffGun is than traditional tape application.

GaffGun Tape Dispenser Bundle

Via B&H:

The GaffGun Bundle is a high-quality floor tape dispenser that quickly and efficiently lays gaffer's tape or duct tape on the floor or other surfaces. The GaffGun includes small, medium, and large cable guides, which funnel up to six standard XLR cables onto a straight line. The weight of the GaffGun provides optimum pressure, allowing the applicator to easily glide across the floor, while pressing the tape to the floor surface. The included long extension handle helps keep the GaffGun on track, while saving your back from having to stoop. Additionally, the included floor guide is designed for laying straight vinyl floor tape or double-sided carpet tape.

GaffGun offers their own CoreLok tape (not included), which was engineered to work with the GaffGun applicator and guarantees the tape is locked onto the center of the hub and allows the use of the tension knob. GaffGun also offers a set of standard core-tape adapters (not included), which allows for the use of any type of gaffer's or duct tape.

Product Highlights:

  • Gaffer's Tape Dispenser
  • Works with Duct & Two-Sided Floor Tape
  • Easily Tapes Cables to Floor
  • Works in One Fluid Motion
  • Accommodates Up to Six XLR Cables
  • Works with Tape Width Up to Three Inches
  • Includes Small/Medium/Large Cable Guides
  • Includes Floor Guide
  • Includes Long Extension Handle

Get it at B&H.

(cover photo credit: snap from B&H)

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