Canon Switcher: “I Hate The Canon 6D Mark II – Goodbye, Canon”

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Following up on the article I did last week on the decline of DSLR and Mirrorless sales, I wanted to get your thoughts on new cameras like the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

I've found plenty of videos like below… people complaining about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and how Canon isn't listening to users… so they're switching.

I guess it is much like the PC vs Mac discussions isn't it? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Many of us are addicted to new gear. We love new technology and we now seem to expect that every new camera will be the “perfect” camera for us, and when it isn't, then we go on the internet and bitch bitch bitch about how the manufacturer isn't listening to our needs.

I think i'm just getting tired of the internet. Maybe i'm becoming a crotchety old man. But it seems like everyone is so quick to judge these days. Like they know the answer to everything (and I should know, I'm one of them! HA!).

I go back to the Canon XC10 announcement – and there was HUGE BITCHING about how stupid Canon was for releasing the camera. How it would never sell. It was the dumbest camera ever!

And then about a year later, I remember seeing a planet5D fan (he'll remain nameless unless he comments LOL) start posting about how he initially trashed Canon for the XC10 and then looked at it again… and decided it was a very good camera for his needs and style of shooting and bought one.

At the time, and I still say this… If camera xxx is the worst idea ever, then it wasn't designed for you! You're NOT the target market but there are obviously people who ARE and therefore you should just quietly move on to find a camera that does appeal to you.

Camera manufacturers are generally not stupid (i'm sure there are a few), but if they go thru the trouble to design and build a camera, then they KNOW there's a market for it. They would NOT waste money on something they aren't pretty sure is going to sell well and they'll make a profit.

And yes, I realize this seems to be a theme of mine… bitching about the bitching — so I realize I'm part of the problem. But maybe, just maybe, if I can help show folks that the best solution isn't to go online and create a “I'm leaving for brand x” video, but that what you should do is evaluate your real needs and find the tool that works and then just move on.

I get the brand loyalty and the disappointment… but do people who decide that say Chevrolet is no longer making cars they love and they decide to buy Honda then go and make a youtube video about how Chevy is no longer meeting their needs? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think they are.

I also know there are thousands upon thousands of very happy Canon (in this example) buyers who will quietly just buy the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II because it will help them make more money or maybe improve their shooting and just won't tell anyone about it… and Canon will continue developing cameras for those people.

Could they possibly add more features? Sure. And in time they will.

And just as a side FYI… TechRadar just published “The 10 best DSLRs you can buy right now” and Canon has 5 of the 10… (yes, I realize mirrorless cams aren't in that list – but mirrorless is still only 13% of the market) just sayin. Ok, for balance, here's the “Top 10 best mirrorless cameras” from TechRadar too (shocker, there's no Canon in the list LOL).

Canon Switcher:

For about 4 years now, I've had a Canon 6D. I loved it. Now it's gone. In a decade of shooting, I've only owned Canon cameras. But after the release of the 6D Mk II, I'm not sure I'll ever be back. I bought a Fuji XT2, and I already own a Panasonic G85.


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  1. Uhhh spell check screwed me… of course I meant the 5D mark 2!

  2. Waaah, waaah, waaah…. your comments spot on, Mitch. If it’s not the right camera for you, feel free to move on. Why waste time bi**hing about it? His video just proves that he’s done his homework on specs, and found cameras that will do what he wants it do. Lotta hot air.

  3. I’ve been a Canon shooter for over 20 years now and absolutely love my 5D Mk4, now. I was initially quite disappointed that after waiting for so long with the Mk3, and seeing Nikon appear to race ahead that I seriously considered switching. As I’ve got used to the camera I now realise that it’s a bundle of subtle improvements that make the camera (almost) a dream to use.

    But, there is one thing that continues to bug me. Manufacturers like Fuji really listen to their users and have an amazing relationship with their community and this has led to them becoming a serious option for wedding photographers. I’m on the brink of completely switching myself as I look to the future. Some of their firmware upgrades are almost like having a new model in your hands. Canon, please learn from these guys and get back on top of the game as you were in the past. I always feel as if I’m part of some marketing game with Canon but part of a community with Fuji. Maybe that’s how some of these 6D Mk2 users feel too!

  4. Not even gonna watch. I don’t need this clown’s input. The only thing of less interest is watching someone take new gear out of the box.

  5. All of this whining before the camera is even on shelves without real world reviews and opinions. Why the hell would Canon put 5d4 specs on their entry level FF body? If you are too cheap to buy the 5D IV, then move on and quit whining about the new 6D2 like every other unoriginal anti-6D2 basher in the past 2 weeks.

    I like my original 6D, but will buy the new 6D2 because I LOVE the picture quality of the original, and I believe the new 6D mark 2 will be a nice upgrade in AF and resolution. It’s not the best speced camera on planet earth, but it’s not supposed to be. I could care less about 4k as well, and if I did care I would be buying the best 4k videocamera I could afford instead of crying about a stills camera that has 1080 video. All those

    I like Nikon and Sony and Fuji cameras, but I’m comfortable with my Canon and until I need many more professional features I will stick with what works and what works very well.

  6. Its not about being loyal to a brand or bitching about specs but it’s about comparing products to the current market without being bias. I think it’s important to be honest and to share information and experiences.

  7. The XC 10 user ‘might ‘ have been me…and now a few years later was i happy to be so wrong after glancing at the specs ( no Raw stills, fixed lens? variable f stop, two diff chip trays and two diff formats, Cfast? WTF) I should get royalties from Canon for all the people i have since helped discover its benefits as i did loving the XC 10, been shooting 4K Raw for 3 years with the c500, waiting of our delivery of the c200 and just helped my friend buy the new 6D mk 2…Carry on, shot what ya got, go deep, squeeze every ISO out of every camera you own.

    1. Author

      Art, you weren’t the person I was thinking of, but I’m happy to see your comments 🙂

  8. You’re wrong about the cars. I’ve seen people do the exact same rant, but just substitute differential, or IRS, or preferred transmission, etc. instead of 4k video, or SNR. That’s why we get those brilliant Downfall memes. It’s all the same, just swap the vocabulary.

    1. Author

      Well that’s what I get for not searching youtube before posting LOL… thanks for your input!

  9. If he must use a Canon DSLR for his video production business, the Mark 4 is available with cropped 4K. Otherwise, he needs to move on up to Canon’s C-Series and move on with life.

  10. I understand your post complaining about complaining, but as a person that has switched camera brands 3 times I understand this guy as well. It sucks!
    Canon has consistently released camera after camera with disappointing specs for a market share that made them the leader in the industry. They seem confused about who to target. I agree that if a talented person picks up one of these cameras (or any camera for that matter) they should be able to create something beautiful.
    There is a reason we have brand loyalty in this industry though. When you buy a brand you arent just investing in them at that given moment but for the foreseeable future, because you will be buying their lenses and their batteries and their accessories. For filmmakers you are buying quick release plates that fit right and cages and customizing everything to fit your need. We know that their is no “perfect” camera out there, but can you give us a product that will keep us competitive for more than a year. It is incredibly frustrating to keep hearing whispers and rumors of great upgrades then waiting for them and once they are released not having much of what is expected.
    Lets not pretend Canon is doing amazing in sales either. To say they aren’t stupid is nice of you but their camera sales are consistently dropping and losing DSLR sales to Mirrorless. I might be interpreting your article wrong but you seem to be saying “It’s ok Canon, keep giving us underwhelming products they work for a few people, don’t cater to the loyal supporters who helped to make canon a powerhouse in the video market.”
    I jumped ship a while ago and did it quietly without a complaint but you can bet that I am bitter that I had to spend q lot of money to change brands just so I can keep up with other filmmakers in my industry.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Jeremy… some counter thoughts… Canon makes cameras to sell lenses – that’s #1.

      “Let’s not pretend Canon is doing amazing in sales either” – but their consistently #1 in camera sales period. “losing to mirrorless” – wrong. Mirrorless is not growing by much (and if you watch the stats, they actually dropped in 2016 just like DSLRs (tho not as drastically).. so sure, a small number of folks are moving to mirrorless but it isn’t as big as the noisemakers will have you believe.

      I don’t think it is ok for Canon to not innovate… but they also know the market better than you or I!

      Lastly… i know plenty of people who are ‘competitive’ without having the “latest gear” to keep up with the joneses. The gear doesn’t keep you competitive, your skills do.

  11. I understand you are a Canon fanboy, but it’s still funny how well you try to defend even the bad Canon products like the XC10 and the new 6D mk2.
    By the way, the new 6D mk2 shows a worst DR compared to it’s predecessor:,Canon%20EOS%206D%20Mark%20II
    The video is as crappy as in 2008 (very soft like a 720p, full of moire and aliasing) . So what does the 6D mk2 features new compared to it’s predecessor? A 15% increased in linear resolution, an old and very centered phase detect AF, a tilting screen and dual pixel AF in live view/video more? For double the price?

    Of course you are entitles in your opinions, but also em I. 🙂

    1. Author

      Eno, of course you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m happy to have you here on planet5D. Am I a fanboy? Sure. I’ve owned nothing but Canon since I was a teen. (Well there is a goPro and iPhones but you get the idea).

      I’m curious where got a 6d2 to test… haven’t seen any delivered yet that I know of.

      1. Author

        Thanks! Appreciate the help. It isn’t as hopeful as I would like that’s for sure.

        1. Sorry for the double post about the Imaging Resource sample, you can delete one of them together with this one, thanks!

  12. One of the beauties of the world is free choice. People are free to spend their money however they like.

    By modern standards, the 6D Mk II appears to be 4 years old already.

    I switched to Nikon over a year ago because Canon didn’t have what I wanted.

    They still don’t.

    $2000 for a $900 camera (yeah, you can buy a used camera that has better specs better than the 6DII.

    To each his own.

  13. We all seems to forget, that it doesn`t help how good the camera is, if not the person behind it is a very good photographer!! The camera is nothing both a piece of expensiv junk, if You don`t know how to use it!!

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