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4 Reasons Why You Need the Teradek Serv On Set

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It’s time we addressed the elephant in the room – the issue that is threatening to destroy the very integrity of on-set video production. Yes, I’m talking about the damn overcrowding in the video village!

When everyone on set needs to see the shot, crowding around the director’s monitor can get pretty serious, especially when different departments need to make adjustments for their roles at the same time. This can be pretty limiting for the production; more people needing playbacks equals more time spent on set, and the last thing you need is to spend more time in acquisition than your clients would like.

Teradek’s newest Serv device has attracted a lot of attention lately for its multi-purpose monitoring capabilities, and is one of the most anticipated pieces of tech for the video world this year. With Teradek shipping out the first batch this week, let’s take a look at a few ways it can benefit your production crew and be the tool you need to create your next big hit.

1. Creative Collaboration

The Teradek Serv is an iPad & iPhone monitoring solution that allows up to 10 members of your team to monitor the shot directly from their iOS devices instead of bunching together over the director’s monitor. Designed to be used exclusively with Teradek’s free VUER app, Serv sends a feed from a camera source to every VUER-enabled iOS device connected to the same wireless network, giving every critical member of your team access to what’s being shot. All you have to do is distribute iPads or iPhones to your team and they’re set!

This is important because it keeps your entire team on the same page. We all know monitoring on set is beneficial, but giving your team the mobility to monitor the shot from wherever they are helps them coordinate their roles a lot more seamlessly than without, which only serves to create a better finished product in the end.

Teradek Serv Demonstration

2. A Professional Touch

The Serv doesn’t just turn iPads into basic monitoring screens. Within the VUER app, users can access a whole suite of professional tools that are normally available in hardware field monitors including functions like waveform, vectorscope, focus assist and much more. Anyone with a connected iOS device has access to these options, giving each critical member of the team a personalized view of the shot which they can customize for their individual roles.

The VUER app allows users to view up to 4 different camera feeds at the same time, all with just 2 frames of latency. Each Serv also comes with dual-input HDMI & 3G-SDI options so they’re compatible with just about any on-set workflow.

3. Wireless Is The Way

Let’s face it: wired monitoring systems are a dying breed. With the availability of robust wireless access points these days, it’s never been more appropriate to cut the cord and go the wireless route. How many times has your crew needed to move to the next set, only to have to spend time figuring out how to organize and transport a tethered system? When it comes to cables, less is more!

As long as each iOS device is within range under the same wireless network, the feed(s) coming from the Serv(s) will be picked up automatically by the VUER app and displayed on the interface. No need for convoluted setups or advanced technical skills; just turn the device and camera on and it’s ready to go.

The Serv has its own built-in access point (AP mode), which grants up to 300 ft. in WiFi range for devices to connect. It can also connect to third-party access points (client mode), which can give it longer range depending on the device.

To get up to 1000 ft. in range for your crewmembers, take a look at Teradek’s Link, a WiFi access point built for the video world. Its robust design and powerful broadcasting range makes streaming from camera(s) to iOS device(s) seamless, allowing your team to be completely mobile on set.

Teradek Serv

4. A Cost-Effective Solution

Arguably, the biggest benefit of using iOS devices is in its cost. The reason each member of a production doesn’t have access to his/her own field monitor is because they’re too expensive. But iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches cost just a fraction of what hardware field monitors do and offer just as much functionality, making it a extremely valuable for professionals in the video world. With so many members of your crew able to connect and collaborate on the shot, it’s definitely worth the small price tag on the unit. Teradek’s Serv is now available at $1,799.

Get it at Teradek.


planetMitch note: This article was written by Teradek – we weren't paid for the post so I'm not labeling it as “sponsored” but they've been such a great sponsor and they have market leading products that I believe you need to know more about so we're putting this out. I mean really, so many of these products are not easily understood without some instruction so why not help our readers learn more? That's my main goal after all.

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