Vertical Video Is the Next Big Thing in Filmmaking

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I know that many of you will be very angry with me for posting this because I know that many of you think a vertical video is absolutely wrong, but I have said for long time, that the future will include not only horizontal but vertical video.

Heck, I posted about vertical video back in 2009 and 2010! I (for once) predicted the future LOL!

I've said for a long time (and people will continue to argue about this for a while) that a majority of people are now watching video on their smartphones and there's certainly a good fit for vertical video.

And, just like shooting photos in ‘portrait' mode (vertical), there's a lot to be said about removing distractions – and many subjects just fit better in a vertical format!

But there's still this mentality:

just look at these examples…

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So there are also other people finally looking toward the future… this article from Mashable is urging the film industry to consider vertical video.

What do you think? Am I still crazy?

Here’s how vertical video is disrupting the filmmaking industry

Via Mashable:

This year will see global innovators in film be recognised for their efforts in disrupting the filmscape — vertical video will have its place at Cannes Film Festival, the world’s most prestigious celebration of film. Filmmaking talent from around the world will be showcasing their films at Nespresso Talents Vertical Film Festival, which will celebrate those forward thinkers who work differently to the status quo.

Nespresso is hosting a competition to seek out the talent to be on display — the winning videos will be seen by industry experts the world over and filmmakers will reap the rewards of their hard work.

Nespresso Talents 2017 video contest – You have the power to…

Nespresso Talents 2017 sees a group of industry expert jurors select their favourite videos from entrees — all submitted vertical videos will be watched by those who matter in the industry, which is an opportunity that doesn’t come about very often. There’ll be two selected winners from this jury, and each will receive a monetary prize along with tickets to Cannes Film Festival, where their film will be aired amongst the latest and greatest in cinema.

Read full article at Mashable “Here’s how vertical video is disrupting the filmmaking industry”

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  1. Hey Mitch hope all is well. I just had to comment on this. I know a lot of people shoot vertical video, but I think that’s more a design flaw than anyone actually WANTING to shoot vertical video. Apps like Snapchat and others unfortunately do not ‘auto-rotate’ the image when shooting vertical handheld (9:16) so over time people have just been conditioned to ‘accept’ vertical video. If the makers of such apps DID auto-rotate the video image for us in the very beginning I don’t think we’d have this group of people hating vertical video because it wasn’t forced upon the masses. With the new era of future filmmakers now learning on their phones, vertical video is definitely a ‘thing’. Does that make it right? No in my opinion. Do I like the look? Absolutely not I think it’s horrendous. Do I care enough to really complain about it? No, and that’s where the problem is. Because the mass majority of people ‘dont care’ it has become a staple in the world we live in today. Whether you love it or hate it, it is definitely here to stay.

    1. Author

      Sully, thanks. Do you shoot photos? If so, do you ever shoot in portrait because it just provides fewer distractions in the background and the subject just displays better in portrait? Then that has to be true of some video as well. Doesn’t mean ALL video should be vertical. But to say it is because the app developers didn’t train people right or develop their apps properly is not the answer either.

      Some stuff just works better vertically and should be shot that way in my opinion :)

  2. There is nothing wrong with any format or tool, it’s all just a way of creating something to communicate…. if you do it intentionally as part of your design.

    The problem is people shoot vertical because, well, they are idiots and can’t be bothered to turn thier phone 90 degrees so you get acres of floor and ceiling and a bunch of cropped action in the middle.

    1. Author

      Well, I wish you wouldn’t call people idiots. Especially when there are plenty of times where shooting traditionally brings in ‘acres of floor and ceiling’ when a tight vertical crop would be better.

  3. Would someone go to the movies to see a vertically filmed feature? I don’t think so. I know I wouldn’t. People hold their phones that way and shoot the same way. Then wonder why when they import into a video program there are black bars on the sides. It’s easier to shoot vertically with a cellphone. I never do.

  4. I was doing a video shoot for a pharmacy this week and noticed a vertical flat screen Tv on the wall displaying some commercials. I was surprised how effective the display actually looked and worked. I have seen vertical displays before mostly with menus or still photos. This screen was around 60 inches and at eye level like a mirror. Just before I finished filming the owner asked if I could produce something for the vertical screen, I said absolutely and I’m now looking forward to producing a vertical video for the display in the near future.

    1. Author

      finally… someone who sees the practicality! Bless your heart Lynton!

  5. Until we can convince the entire population of the world and all movie theaters to spin their screens vertically, vertical video is rightly doomed. Nothing drives me more nuts than to see a cell phone vertical video on a TV screen. Stop already! Unless the video is intended to go no further than a hand-held cell phone – shoot the way you see – horizontaly.

    1. Author

      See Lynton’s comment above! There are plenty of times where a vertical screen works.

      And “shoot the way you see – horizontally’??? You do realize that our vision is circular right? You see as much vertically as you do horizontally.

    1. Author

      Why do you say that? I tried replying to you directly but your email bounced as invalid.

  6. Well…for ‘some things’…we have been doing verticals for digital signage in retail locations for 8 or so years now…Its a different mindset and like an old A frame house feels technically very inefficient – as our eyes and words work wide not high…but its fun to do!

    Its actually one of the things that got our studio to move to Adobe and Premiere about6 years ago – it seemed at the time the only NLE that didn’t care what your pixel ratio was.

    – Having said that – i don’t expect to see any vertical multiplex screens coming soon to the mall near you ; )

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