Two New Adventure Time-Lapse and Photography Workshops From Ron Risman

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Good friend Ron Risman is launching a new timelapse and photography workshop that you'll be interested in! I know I am (but with 2 kids in college sadly I'll have to pass this time).

Ron has had rave reviews for his earlier timelapse workshops and I'm sure this will be no different. And the time of year is perfect.

Exclusive 5-Day Timelapse & Photography Adventure Workshop on Lake Powell

Page, Arizona – Join Ron Risman and Timelapse Workshops for a time-lapse and photography adventure workshop on Lake Powell taking place September 10-15, 2017. The workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels, and includes daily in-field instruction and endless photo opportunities while we capture the majestic light and color of Lake Powell and the slot canyons that are only accessible by water.

The ultimate adventure
As an adventure workshop, participants will be spending five days and four nights in the great outdoors while exploring the breathtaking slot canyons of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. We’ll travel by boat to various locations, and will capture the awe-inspiring scenery that await as we hike on slick rock, and kayak into slot canyons that are unreachable by other means of transportation.

The workshop was planned for September, as this the best time to be on the water. Water temperatures are a warm 76 degrees, while day time air temperatures range from a comfortably dry 85 degrees during the day to 62 degrees at night (great for sleeping).

Timelapse & Photography
The best education is when you can quickly apply what you’re learning, and throughout this workshop you’ll have the chance to immediately put new skills and techniques into practice. During the workshop you will:

• Learn to capture professional quality time-lapse
• Learn to capture the night sky – in motion
• Learn to capture day-to-night timelapse sequences (“holy grail”)
• Learn to use depth-of-field to control the viewers eye
• Learn how and when to use ND and Grad ND filters
• Learn how and when to bracket images to create realistic dynamic range
• Learn to compose and focus in the dark
• and much more

Night Sky Conditions

Timelapse Lake Powell takes place during the week leading up to the new moon. These dates were chosen in order to give us a few hours of dark skies each night before a late rising moon helps to illuminate the canyon with just enough light to illuminate our red rock canyon foregrounds while the dark skies above allow us to capture millions of stars as well as the core of the Milky Way.

Hidden Canyon Kayak
Timelapse Workshops has teamed up with Hidden Canyon Kayak for this incredible 5-Day Lake Powell adventure workshop. Hidden Canyon Kayak will provide everything we need for camping (tents, cots, sleeping pads, sleeping bags), boating (kayaks, paddles, life preservers, dry bags, and their custom-built, 34ft, coast guard inspected water taxi ) to gourmet meals. An on-board generator and external battery will allow us to keep our camera batteries charged and ready to go.

Register Today
Use the link below to learn more about the workshop and to register for one of the remaining spots.

Announcing the 2017 Solar Eclipse and Night-Sky Timelapse & Photography Landscape Workshop in Wyoming

Put yourself in the path of solar totality in one of the most spectacular locations in the country!

Pinedale, Wyoming – Join Award-Winning cinematographer and time-lapse photography specialist Ron Risman for this 5-day, 6-night landscape and night-sky time lapse and photography workshop in Wyoming. You will also be in position to capture the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 38 years.

Timelapse: Grand Tetons is a very special photography and time-lapse workshop that combines the stunning and majestic scenery of the Winds River Mountain Range and Grand Tetons with the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 38 years. If the breathtaking scenery isn't enough, you'll also be learning how to take control of your camera to create once in a lifetime photographs and time lapse films. You'll learn to use your camera's mode dial to best achieve the images you want to make, and you'll learn how to create stunning images and professional quality time lapse films using your camera, a simple intervalometer, Adobe Lightroom, and LRTimelapse.

Capture the Night Sky
Wyoming is not only known for its awe-inspiring scenery, but also for its brilliant night sky. During this workshop you'll learn to capture the millions of stars and planets in our galaxy while shooting under some of the darkest skies anywhere in the world. Our instructors will teach you how to compose in the dark; how to focus in the dark, and how to best set your camera to capture the night sky.

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
This is the first total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 38 years and you will be in the most beautiful area in the entire country to capture it. The only people lucky enough to witness day turning into night during totality will be those under the narrow 60-mile-wide path as it moves across the country.

Classroom and On-Location Instruction
Each day of the workshop includes classroom sessions covering shooting techniques and post-processing workflow, as well as daily on-location shoots. This will be an incredible opportunity to take your photography skills to the next level and add to your portfolio of still images and time lapses. With a 5:1 student / instructor ratio you'll have our undivided attention throughout the workshop.

Register Today
Use the link below to learn more about the workshop and to register for one of the remaining spots.

About Ron Risman
As an award-winning cinematographer, time lapse specialist and founder of Timelapse Workshops, Ron has been seeing the world through a lens for over 30 years. Ron’s work has been used in commercials, television and motion pictures for clients such as: The Discovery Channel, HBO, Land Rover, FOX News CT, KEUD Utah, WFTV Orlando, Berklee College of Music, iTTQ Japan, Liberty Mutual, Restoration Hardware, and others. His passion for teaching is evident by anyone who has attended his workshops or one of his sessions at Post | Production World and Photoshop World.

(cover photo credit: snap from press release)

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