Must See “Best Commercial of Spring 2017” a Story of an Epic Journey and Love at First Sight (with great behind-the-scenes)

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Vincent Laforet shared this on FB and it is stunning… the “Best Commercial of Spring 2017” according to and I have to say this is a ‘must see'

I love how they manage to change the scenes as they're happening and to move you thru time with the same characters.

I can't imagine what this cost (especially considering the sets they had to build and locations) and how long it took to make. Much less the cost of the CGI added in later.

All for a commercial!

Lacoste – Timeless, The Film (Director’s Cut)

A story of an epic journey and love at first sight.

The hero embarks on a turbulent quest throughout the decades: the style evolves, but the polo maintains its inalterable elegance.

Life is a beautiful sport, since 1933.

The new brand film from Lacoste celebrates the French savoir faire and timeless polo elegance that has effortlessly shifted through the decades, from its conception in 1933 to the present day.

Lacoste – Timeless, The Film – Making Of

[Making-of] Lacoste – Timeless | MIKROS

| Mikros is proud and happy to present the making of “Timeless”, the latest Lacoste film directed by Wanda's Seb Edwards for agency BETC Paris.

The story depicts an epic journey of timeless connexion between a man and a woman, lifted by beautifully crafted visual effects by Mikros teams under the supervision of Stephane Allender and produced by Christophe Huchet and Xavier Questel. Surrounded by numerous green screens, 3D trains and CG backdrops, our heros are carried throughout the decades by an enchanting piece by British music composer Max Richter, until they can finally celebrate their love.


Other Lacoste commercials

It seems the folks at Lacoste love to post behind-the-scenes because I found several more (for other commercials of theirs).


(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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