DitoGear Springtime Special: Chase Car For Filmmaking and Commercial Shooting With A Big Discount

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For those of you who need a chase car with a built in crane and stabilization system (and a bigger budget than planet5D has LOL), DitoGear has a big time special going on and you should take a look.

The shots made by the DitoGear Chase Car in this demo reel are beautifully smooth!

Make sure you check it out.

DitoGear™ Chase Car

DitoGear Springtime Special: Chase Car in Much Lowered Price

MERCEDES ML 4.3L 270hp, fully equipped Chase Car include:

Lifter system (2m of vertical movement, 45kg payload)

It lets you have smooth vertical shots while driving.

VibraFreek dampening system

It allows to shoot ultra-smooth footage from the moving car. It comes in two optional mounting systems: pillar mount and spider mount.

ExArm extension arm

It can be mounted on Pillar or DitoGear™ Lifter and allows camera and VibraFreek to be mounted with 1.5 m distance. DitoGear™ ExArmlets your automotive footage have broader range with shots beyond camera car outline. It can be mounted on sides or in front of Lifter and Pillar.

IsoWire camera microvibrations stabilizer

It stabilizes camera microvibrations caused by uneven road surface.

Apart from the above:
• matte black color of the car
• front / back pillar
• HDMI/SDI splitters
• backup power for gimbal / camera
• specialty trailer for transport

*Chase Car does not include a camera and a gimbal

Learn more about the DitoGear™ Chase Car HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear Press)


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