The Struggle and Danger of Reporting: The Real Work Behind the Words and Photos You See in the News

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I saw this a few weeks ago and held on to it – I still think about it now and then and wanted to share it with you – maybe it will impact you as well. I think about how comfortable I am in my home and neighborhood and how there are photographers out there capturing the danger people are in around the planet and put themselves in danger as well.

Just think about the image captured by the photographer as she was killed by a mortar explosion just really grabs and holds your mind about how suddenly life can end.

Be careful out there!

Darren Aronofsky Captures the Struggle and Danger of Reporting in Stunning Ads for The New York Times

Via Adweek:

Droga5 spotlights photojournalists' search for the truth

The New York Times wants readers to understand what it takes to produce the journalism it does—that there’s real work behind the words and photos they see, and that some of the paper’s journalists risk their lives for stories. That’s why the Grey Lady has released a new set of ads directed by Darren Aronofsky, part of its ongoing truth-focused brand campaign from Droga5.

Two 60-second spots released today function similarly: A series of images that a Times photojournalist took while reporting a story are shown, while the journalist behind the camera narrates what the scene was like that day and what his process was like. The result is affecting.

TV Commercial | The Truth Is Hard To Find – Tyler Hicks | The New York Times

Discover the hard work needed to report the facts in the latest video series from The New York Times marketing team. All photos in this video were taken by Tyler Hicks while he was covering the refugee crisis for The New York Times in Lesbos, Greece, in 2015. The video is directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The spot above is narrated by photojournalist Tyler Hicks. His photos were used in a story from October 2015, Waves of Young Syrian Men Bring Hope, and a Test, to Europe.

Read full article at Adweek “Darren Aronofsky Captures the Struggle and Danger of Reporting in Stunning Ads for The New York Times”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Adweek)


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