Shane Hurlbut Presents A Light Study on the Cineo HS2 Remote Phosphor Light

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Following up on yesterday's massive post on LED lighting, I wanted to share this because it comes from some of my favorites – Cineo and Shane Hurlbut.

When you watched the LED videos by Timur Civan yesterday, you heard him mention remote phosphor several times and he commented about the quality of light they produce. I'll never forget the day I first heard of remote phosphor – it was when I bumped into Vincen Laforet at NAB at the Cineo booth and he was so excited about how bright they were and the quality of the light. I ended up making a great relationship with the Cineo team and we've done a couple of giveaways for them.

Light Study: Cineo HS2 | Hurlbut Visuals | Cinematography

Via The Hurlblog:

One of my favorite types of light is remote phosphor. It’s incredibly powerful. Since this technology has been introduced to our industry, these lights have been taking over. It’s because of their ability to produce beautiful skin tones, their unbelievable brightness, and just how easy they make it to switch between 3200, 4300, 5600, chroma green and blue.

It was an epiphany for me when I started lighting green screens and blue screens with them because the old way of lighting screens was putting a lot of Kino Flos with green or a lot of SkyPanels up on truss.

Then came the Cineos.

You could light a 20 x 30 green screen with just two of these Cineo HS2s.

Read full article at Hurlbut Visuals “Light Study: Cineo HS2”

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