Photographer Shoots 10,000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid

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I've been thinking a lot about plastic lately (and I know this has very little to do with photography/filmmaking, but it will tie in you'll see)… and I hate that we're using so much plastic and our environment is suffering so much because of it.

When I was at NAB, I had breakfast at the fast food chain store in the hotel and the amount of plastic/styrofoam waste that came out of my meal made me sick. Crazy waste!

So when I found this amazing set of photographs from Von Wong I just felt that I had to share it with you. The images evoke so much emotion for me and I hope they impact you in even a small way.

FYI, I try to use as few plastic bottles as possible (and I reuse them like crazy if I do have to buy one – or at least I recycle them – I never put them in the trash) and this just reenforces my dislike of plastic waste.

10,000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid


In the face of large global problems, it is easy to feel powerless.

As an artist, I have always wondered what kind of difference I could make. Indeed, it is hard to really feel like taking pretty photographs can change the world yet this project has taught me that just by spreading the word, you can make a difference.

Within a single week, my series generated over 10,000 pledges from people around the world to reduce their plastic use. If only 1% of them reduce their plastic consumption by 10% – that's 100,000 less plastic bottles in the sea.

With over 10 million views in just a week, requests for prints came streaming in – teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers – they wanted to have a print up to share the threat of plastic pollution in a beautiful interesting way.

Read this article at Von Wong's Site “#mermaidshateplastic”

(cover photo credit: snap from Von Wong)


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