HOT! Just Announced – DJI Spark – Small, Light, Launches from your Hand – Heck Even I Can Operate This!

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Yep, I just preordered the DJI Spark! It looks like something even I can operate as you can launch it from your hand, use hand motions to tell it what to do, and land it in your hand when you're done.

Of course, it has more sophisticated controls as well.

Downside? Only 16 minutes of flight time (but that’s probably enough for my needs).

PRE-ORDER: DJI site or Amazon or B&H

And the ability to have the videos/photos sent to your phone so you can edit instead of having to remove the card and edit on your desktop.


This one is pretty long, but very thorough

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. This drone looks freaking amazing! Already pre-ordered mine, Can’t wait for mid June now…

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