Syrp Ltd Announces Genie II, Magic Carpet Pro and Magic Carpet Carbon FibreTrack

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New Zealand Company Syrp Ltd to announce Genie II, Magic Carpet Pro.

Via Syrp Press:

Since the successful launch of the company in 2012 with its initial offering, the Genie, Syrp Ltd has continued to impress the market with its flexible approach to motion control.

Exceptionally popular, the Genie changed the way filmmakers told their stories. This year Syrp is bringing you the next level of this game changing device alongside an all new professional level slider to support full sized video rigs.

The Genie II and Magic Carpet Pro are aimed at providing precise, professional motion to independent film-makers while still carrying possessing the core features that made their predecessors so successful.Both will be available for pre-order from June and the 2017 ship dates are yet to be confirmed.

Directors Chris Thomson and Ben Ryan have kept Syrp’s filmmaker-centric core values of portability and ease of use front and centre in the development of the new products and continue to set a new benchmark of performance across the motion control field.

Chris notes that “since Syrp’s inception we have watched our community grow and develop and are continually amazed to see the quality of work constantly improving. We decided to develop the Genie II and Magic Carpet Pro to keep serving our filmmakers as they progress in the industry.”

The Genie II is a compact 3-Axis version of its younger sibling – it’s now quieter, faster and more powerful. Charging is more universal utilizing USB Type C, and the Genie II can also provide power to your less efficient cameras and devices. The Genie II consists of a Linear drive and Pan / Tilt drive both of which run tangle free using Bluetooth and high speed Wifi for seamless connection. Battery life remains stand out and the patented Genie II linear drive continues to be the only fully adaptable system that lets filmmakers’ creativity run wild on all brands of sliders and DIY gear.

The Linear drive is also compatible with the Genie Mini giving existing owners and new-comers to motion control a powerful but affordable 2 or 3-Axis motion control system capable of being connected to any slider on the market.

Ben notes that “as always, the most exciting part is seeing what our community will create with these products. We’ve always focussed on helping our community make the best films possible and that means always having the option for motion control no matter the shoot constraints. There’s never been such a powerful motion control system, small enough to fit inside a film-makers backpack.”

The Magic Carpet Pro will include an integrated fly wheel and will be available in 60cm/2ft, 90cm/3ft and 150cm/5ft lengths. Paired with the redesigned End Caps and Carriage, Magic Carpet Pro ensures stability and continued compatibility with the original Genie and the upcoming Genie II. Swapping gear has never been easier thanks to Syrp’s new patent pending QR mount that can quickly integrate with all your video heads and enables the Genie II to be simply clicked in straight to the carriage, reducing setup time.

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre – Infinitely Extendable and Feather-light

Syrp Ltd introduces a new feather-light, infinitely extendable Magic Carpet Carbon FibreTrack

Syrp Ltd is excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to the Magic Carpet product line – Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre – set to ship from July 2017 and available to pre-order now.

Infinitely extendable with tool-less set up, the feather-light and versatile Carbon Fibre Track fits easily in suitcases or packs, perfect for intrepid filmmakers and time-lapse photographers. Each Carbon Fibre Track can be purchased in kits as individual 60cm/2ft tracks with End Caps and Carriage. Extensions can be purchased separately or as part of a further two kits available on Syrp’s website.

For existing Magic Carpet users, the original End Caps and Carriage is compatible with the Carbon Fibre Track and Extensions, further reducing the amount of gear needed for maximum versatility.

Each Carbon Fibre Extension has been designed to create a seamless join for fluid camera motion, and comes with two 3⁄8inch mounting point options and one bracket for stability.The extensions are simply screwed in to the main 60cm/2ft track to create an infinitely extendable slider.

The Carbon Fibre Track is ‘Genie compatible’ and integrates seamlessly with your existing motion control kit.Like the existing Magic Carpet, all you have to do attach click in the linear accessory, set your move and shoot!

(cover photo credit: snap from Syrp)


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