Remember the Light L16 – The Camera With 16 Lenses/Sensors? We Have Final Production Images of the Body

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Do you remember the Light L16? Sure you do. It was all the chatter back when it was first announced back in 2015. And the often delayed project appears to be nearing shipping.

planet5D has a new sister planet (tho sadly I didn't give it a planet name) – was put into orbit last week in anticipation of the announcement of updates from about the project.

Last night, lightrumors received the first images of the production Light L16.

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There aren't a whole lot of major differences, but the major thing is progress here. Many people have been frustrated because the original timeline had them shipping product back in early to mid 2016 and here it is April 2017 and they still aren't shipping. But you can take that as either good or bad – i'm choosing to see it as a good thing because I pre-ordered a camera and I would much rather have it be an awesome product than to have it be rushed and incomplete!

Here are a couple of the images… I encourage you to jump over to the new site to see all the images and to have a look around (and of course I hope you subscribe!).

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Did you pre-order a Light L16? Are you excited about it or just think it is a bunch of hype?

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I can't wait to get my hands on one!

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