New Light L16 Sample Images Show Dynamic Range of Computational Imaging

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Last Friday I published a post about the new Light L16 – and then later that afternoon, Light released more information about shipping as well as about 10 new images from the camera.

And they look astounding with quite a bit of dynamic range. I don't have details from the company about the range of the DR, but I'm trying to get their measurements.

My new sister site has several new posts about the status, but I also posted this about the images:

Today, Light published a lot of news from the Light L16 and added a new blog post with new images from the camera. They note that these are from an early build in February so we could get even better imaging from the production release. See those dates here!

The photos are from their trip to Cuba and are available here

What do you think? Tell me in the comments and share with all of your friends please?

I’m going to share a couple with some analysis:

Cuba is of course a unique place to shoot… and on the beach during midday sun? Something I would typically avoid. But notice the sky is here, clouds are here, water is here (tho it is blown out a bit on the horizon) – and yet, with the young woman’s face in the shadow, we still see her face! Nice! Very good dynamic range. Make sure to click thru to their site to see it large!


Related updates from April 14, 2017:

How about the last image? The Woman in the Red Dress?

There’s some interesting things going on here – but first notice again the dynamic range! Look into the shadows on the left and you can see quite a bit of detail… but you also notice some of the difficulty of processing these images coming from so many different lenses… first the original:


How's this for a tease? I would love for you to visit the new site so I'm not telling you the problems with the image here, you'll have to go there to find out.

Source: New Light L16 Images From Cuba! Oh The Dynamic Range and the Narrow Depth of Field **Updated | Light Rumors

(cover photo credit: Courtesy: Light (



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