dailyPlanet5D 2017-04-06 – New Canon Lens and Powershot

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What's new in the world?

Big news today is new Canon EF-S lens and new Powershot (that's big news? ha!)

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(cover photo credit: snap from me)


  1. A new Powershot for $400. Yeah…that’s going to be a big seller for Canon…. yeah….. and 1080P recording too! I guess all those 4K recording cellphones that people carry will now be replaced with this camera.
    Sorry Canon, I think you are out of touch with the camera market. But then, you can afford to be…..
    Don’t get me wrong, I think that this camera is better than a cellphone, but I don’t think people will spend that type of money when they believe that their cellphones take great photos.

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