Peak Design 30L Everyday Backpack Review – How Does It Handle a Camera, Lenses, and Clothing for a 2 Day Trip?

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My simple Peak Design 30L Everyday Backpack Review – I went on a 2 night trip to Vegas and didn't want to take any other bags with me. Needed a DSLR and 2 lenses for the event and I wasn't going to dress up, so casual clothing.

First lesson, don't put this under the seat in front of you on a plane! Takes up way too much space. It fits, but it isn't comfortable. Overhead bin for you!

I've continued to use this since I went on that trip and it has become my primary camera bag/backpack because of its flexibility and durability. This is built like a tank.

I am so glad I didn't ask for the 20L because I would have just been frustrated by not being able to put as much stuff in it.

I do have one wish. I love there are lots of side pockets on the inside. But there are times where I wish there was one side of the bag where I could have the pockets exposed from the outside. Having them all on the inside means if I want something that is in one of the pockets, I have to unzip the side, open the flap (exposing all of my bag's contents – and if they're not totally secure, I risk having something fall out), and then unzip the cover for the pockets. That's a lot of work when you only want a pack of gum. I know there is an external large pocket, but it would just be easier if I could get to the contents of one set of inner pockets without so many steps and exposing myself to dropping something. First world problems! HA

As I mention in the video, there are also times where some of the configurations I've tried leave things like lenses a bit floppy inside one of the compartments. This is a bit of a learning experience if you're used to traditional lens pockets in other bags. Not unmanageable, but something to consider when you're configuring the insides.

I'm eager to see where this generation of bags goes. I know there will be some tweaks as people use them and send in suggestions to the Peak Design team. They're putting out some great stuff!

This is one of the most talked about bags on the market and it deserves it. It is flexible, easily configurable, holds a lot of stuff, and is extremely well built. If you were to think about getting your hands on one, I wouldn't hesitate.

Peak Design 30L Everyday Backpack Review – How Does It Handle a Camera and Clothing?


Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Via Peak Design:

A pack that adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle and environment, the Everyday Backpack was created by a team of designers, engineers, and photographers to meet the needs of creative, adventurous people. Unrivaled accessibility, expandability, and organization. The patented MagLatch provides lighting fast top access, with dual side-loading via two weatherproof side zips.

Huge external carry capacity made possible by a versatile tuck-away strap system and 2 expandable external side pockets. Integrated luggage carry makes this bag equally suited for daily commutes and extended travel. Endlessly configurable FlexFold dividers keep photo or everyday gear organized, protected, and not bunched at the bottom of your bag.

Internally padded accessory pockets keep small items in check. Dedicated sleeve for up to 15” laptop, tablet, and documents. Ultra clean aesthetic, all-custom hardware, minimal dangling straps.

Learn more about the Peak Design Everyday Backpack.

Everyday Backpack Design Deep Dive

Peak Design Everyday Backpack (30L, Charcoal)

Via B&H:


  • Holds 2 DSLR Bodies & 3-6 Lenses
  • Dedicated 16″ Laptop Sleeve
  • Three Flexfold Dividers Protect Gear
  • Built-In Expansion with Maglatch System
  • Exterior & Sub-Divided Interior Pockets
  • Adjustable Backpack Straps
  • Hidden Waist Strap
  • Top Grab Handle & Side Briefcase Strap
  • Pass-Through Luggage Strap
  • Durable Kodra Fabric & Weatherproof Coat

Get the Peak Design Everyday Backpack at B&H.

(cover photo credit: snap from Peak Design)

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