NEW Robot Skin for LumiX GH5 by LockCircle is Introducing the Revolutionary “Meltdown Concept”

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Our friends at LockCircle have taken a different approach to building a cage for the new Panasonic GH5 – instead of just wrapping around the body and making the cage bigger than the body – which often takes the feel of the camera away, they've wrapped this one more like a skin.

I'm quite intrigued to see more of this (hopefully we'll see one at NAB?).

Here we see the mockup images and it looks pretty sexy – especially if you'd like something that is very form fitting and still seems to give you the ability to hand-hold the camera yet be able to attach a ton of accessories if you want. There are a lot of holes in this beast!

What do you think? Something you must have yes?

NEW Robot Skin for Lumix GH5 by LockCircle

Via LockCircle Press:

LockCircle approached the mirroless cameras cage design from the beginning when the concept was just “wrapping around the camera”, with a lightweight mechanical cage with many threads to only add cinematic accessories.

The design and engineering of cages evolved quickly, thanks to LockCircle’s international user feedbacks analyzed across many cage/camera editions and different users needs, deeply inspiring the entire design process.

For the new Lumix GH5 the LockCircle design approach was totally new and the word “cage” didn't fit the extensive research done around the new Lumix GH5!

LockCircle is proudly presenting the truly innovative Robot Skin for the Lumix GH5 following what is called “cinematic research science”!

The Lumix GH5 camera body shape was captured in different hysical, ergonomic, kinetic and tactile directions to analize user feelings and effective cinematic accessories mounting.

LockCircle with the Robot Skin GH5 is introducing the revolutionary “meltdown concept” for straight functions access and total view of the camera dials when shooting.

The LockCircle’s R&D department, lead by Dante Cecchin, worked intensly to create the cinematic Robot Skin GH5 that’s a authentic milestone model, outside traditional boundaries commonly used in the industry.

The ultralightweight Robot Skin GH5 is a natural extension of the original camera shape, a real cinematic production innovation!

The orignal GH5 camera design details were formulated like a “conceptual palette” driving the genesis of the Robot Skin GH5 aeshtetics.

Available from the middle of May, manufactured only on request for serious Lumix GH5 aficionados.

  • Asymmetrical classic LockCircle cage design concept.
  • Right hand camera grabbing/control with original Lumix GH5 camera ergonomics.
  • Innovative SFA Straight Function Action with DTV Dials Total View design concept.
  • T-Wrap (total wrap) expansion module for right hand accessories/grip handles
  • 90 (110 threads with T-Wrap)  1/4”-20, 3 (5 with T-Wrap)
  • Top Grip handle and Boombooster compatible accessories.
  • CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and professional heavy-duty grade strength.
  • High quality Swiss Anodizing with “professional grade” velvet surface finish.
  • Custom genuine titanium grade 5 screws and knobs.
  • MultiPort HDMI/USB/Audio port savers with connector locking.
  • Meta-Block mount (adjustable) for Metabones monolithic mounting.
  • IMS-Block for IMS – Mounts for the serious cinematographers needs.
  • Several IMS Professional lens mounts available: PL-Mount, Panavision,
  • Leica-R, Canon EF and Nikon with Positive-Lock.
  • New MicroMega ultra compact modular expandable BasePlate.
  • Focal Plain thread for AC measurement custom titanium hook.
  • New hi-tech deep anodized colours: Blumix, Noir Black, Purple Rain.
  • Designed by cinematographers and manufactured in Italy.
  • Limited Edition, manufactured only on request for real GH5 aficionados.

(cover photo credit: snap from LockCircle)


  1. Keep your eye on Fotodiox if you’re a GH5 user. I have the Shark Cage for the GH4, and it’s even more form-fitting than this prototype with a gorgeous wood handle for better stabilization overall.

    Fingers crossed Fotodiox comes up with a similar solution soon.

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