Taking Drones to the Next Level – Rufus Blackwell Shows Off Motion Control in the Sky

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Rufus Blackwell (timelapsevxf website) is blowing us away with his work – and he just sent this beautiful DJI drone video – and we've got a special behind-the-scenes “how to” post coming up next week with more info on how Rufus put this together.

What Rufus is doing here is “motion control in the sky” – let that sink in a little.

Repetitive motion with a quadcopter so you can repeat the same moves over and over if need be. That really opens up some possibilities.

Miss a shot? Shoot the same thing again.

Want to plan your shot early in the day for the right light that comes later in the day? No problem!

Want to do something seasonal where you get the same shot days/weeks/months later? Nice thinking!

The drone revolution is blowing up!

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Make sure you tune in next Tuesday for the “how to” from Rufus right here on planet5D.

Presenting Next Level Drone Work From DJI

Mui Ne Sessions is an experimental surf video, taking drone shooting to the next level. A drone can now be used as a motion control rig in the sky.

DJI, the leading drone manufacturer, recently commissioned Rufus Blackwell, twice winner of Travel Photographer of the year, video awardee and experienced VFX Artist and Time-Lapse Photographer to produce a video pushing the limits of Drone work. Using a series of techniques, it is possible to shoot incredible timelapse photography using automated flight patterns and also use the ultra high resolution images to stop time, reposition the camera and restart the action.

The result is Mui Ne Sessions a Surf/Kitesurf video shot in Vietnam.

DJI – Mui Ne Sessions

As drone tecnology advances the possibilities become ever more amazing. You can place a camera in any place at any time, you can creat camera moves that were never previously possible, and if you miss the take, no probs you can get it to recreate exactly the same move again and again. A drone is essentially a motion control rig in the sky, previously costing milliions it is now in the hands of everyone.

Snaps from the Video


(cover photo credit: snap from Rufus Blackwell)

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