Introducing DitoGear™ Animator Cube

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DitoGear keeps innovating and looking for ways to improve your filmmaking – tho I’ll admit this is likely to be a niche product and maybe not for all of our reader – but when you make time to watch the video, I’m thinking it will start your mind clicking and you might imagine some ways to use their new DitoGear™ Animator Cube.

Especially if you have any shots that you need to be repeatable. Shooting a commercial about a product? You’ll need a way to repeat moves!

How would you use something like this?

They are taking Pre Orders now. Introductory Price offers 10% discount.

Introducing DitoGear™ Animator Cube

DitoGear Animator Cube

Via DitoGear:

DitoGear Animator Cube is a multi-axis motion controlled cage for visual effects and stop motion animation. It allows to position and program camera moves without almost any limitations within the cage boundaries.

Bundle includes:

  • horizontal sliding grid (Axis1 + Axis2)
  • vertical slider (Axis3)
  • 1x OmniHead
  • ceiling mounting pillars
  • DragonBridge or DMC-16 adapter
  • cabling and power supply

Learn more about DitoGear Animator Cube.

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)


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