1. Almost everyone I know has moved on to Sony. I’m done with Canon for video.

    1. Author

      You know, I talk to lots of people and I’ve heard this over and over… and I’ve also heard people who spend 6 months with sony and then come back to Canon. I also talk to rental shops who say they rent the Canon EOS C100/Canon EOS C300 all day long and nobody rents the sony gear (and those constantly need repair)… but let’s just say there are plenty of people still using Canon gear (and they’re still #1 seller in the camera industry).

  2. No matter C-Log or not they intentionally implemented a shitty 8-Bit codec. WTF? Canon could do so much better but they don’t want it. Instead they trying to sell that overpriced C300.

  3. See you like would be great. Also adding H.265 would be brilliant. Does anybody know why H.265 is only on the iPhone and the NX1?

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