Cinematographer’s Insight Podcast with Lydia Hurlbut

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Rob Ruscher (who has written for planet5D in the past) has a podcast called the “Cinematographer’s Insight” and is up to 12 episodes (see all of them here).

There are a couple of really awesome guests on Rob’s podcast so far! There are also plenty I don’t know so they’re probably awesome too, I just don’t know it yet <grin>

But the episode he posted this week was with my friend (and I’ve posted about her before) Lydia Hurlbut. If you don’t know Lydia, you should. She’s simply incredible. I do not know how she manages her life – and even when she describes it in this podcast, it feels like her schedule would overwhelm most of us.

But she gives some great advice in this episode – mostly about life and love and learning and family and health – as opposed to just filmmaking – and I encourage you to make time to listen! An hour incredibly well spent.

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Cinematographer's Insight Podcast: Episode 203 – Lydia Hurlbut

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Show Overview

In this episode we step away from set to talk with Lydia Hurlbut, CEO of Hurlbut Visuals. Beyond this we dive deep into the work/life balance and gives us an insight on what her and Shane do to keep their marriage and family strong, even with the crazy schedules of feature films. Talking with Lydia really brings out her passion for education and gives us a look at the path of Hurlbut Visuals as well as what is to come in the future. Anyone working in this field will take away an amazing outlook from an inspiring voice. Enjoy!

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