Camera Industry Sales Facts For 2016

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Last year, we highlighted the results from 2015 in the camera industry, and they were dropping then… the trend continues!

If you’re into doom and gloom, you can see the industry is hurting compared to 2012 results, but production is still as high as 7 years ago… I think people forget there are swings to every business.

Lens production is still higher than 2009 – tho still on the downswing (tho if you look at the number of lens announcements in the last 12 months you might not think that it is on the way down). But that’s also probably why they’re announcing more lenses to try to boost sales again!

I think the biggest swing in the numbers below is the 4% growth in mirrorless sales (if you look at the % of the market chart). But also note that the number of mirrorless cameras manufactured was down 4%! So if you note the decrease of DSLRs built as down 17% and the overall market going down, the uptick in the market share for mirrorless still isn’t significant. It feels like the mirrorless growth is simply happening because the other segments of the market are dropping so much!

I think it is funny that one of the “keys” LensVid mentioned for the camera market shrinking is “Cameras are for old people” – hey! I resemble that remark! HAHA!

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Infographic: Camera Industry Sales Facts For 2016

Via Canon Rumors:

LensVid has completed their yearly infographic showing camera and lens sales for 2016. The drop in sales of compact cameras, DSLRs and lenses continues. Although, in total cameras shipped, the share of DSLRs actually increased in 2016 at the expense of compact cameras, mirrorless cameras saw a bigger share of the total pie as well.

2017 is predicted to show further decline of compact cameras, but we could see that the mirrorless and DSLR segments have bottomed out and may stabilize in 2017.

LensVid has summarized the following keys about the photography industry in 2016:

  • Smartphones killed the compact camera market
  • Mirrorless are not fulfilling their promise
  • The DSLR market is shrinking
  • Cameras are for older people

Read full article at Canon Rumors “Infographic: Camera Industry Sales Facts For 2016”

Source: LensVid

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


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  1. The Kumamoto earthquake putting the main source of image sensors for the industry out of action for several months guaranteed that 2016 was going to be a off year. The point and shoot market was destroyed from about May, and didn’t start recovering until after the first of the year. The DSLR and Mirrorless market was also affected.
    When you have no product to sell, down is the only direction you can go.

  2. well when a camera still works years later, why are you buying a new one ? most consumers aren’t until the loose / break it or it quits working. Good Enough mentality. if you look at the shear numbers of cameras made… 450 Million P&S ? talk about market flooding. then consider most of the cameras still work, and you have your phone camera.

    I think reality is the consumer market is mostly dead for dedicated cameras and only pro’s and prosumers are or will be buying “professional” cameras. Even pro’s are saying Good Enough – 80D vs 7D ii ? unless you really need that weather proofing and minor performance improvements I think most folks will keep the cash and get the cheaper one.

    mirrorless has mostly failed because its generally smaller sensors like M4/3 which aren’t on most pro’s shopping lists right now, and more than most consumer will spend. or put another way : if you are into the same money, you will probably get a dslr with a bigger ecosystem of new and used glass.

  3. This news doesn’t worry me too much. I’ll take my mirrorless Sony a6000 over a smart phone camera any day. I take it with me everywhere. Smartphones are crap in low light and can’t zoom in. I can’t use alpha lenses with the a6000 and there’s a Tamron 600mm alpha lens I want really bad. Don’t feel like messing with a Metabones type adapter but if I take the plunge I have no choice. Tamron doesn’t make anything for e-mount that I’m thrilled about.

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