#BREEL: What’s Changing in the Video Industry and How to Adapt – New Weekly Show You Should Watch From Den Lennie

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Good friend Den Lennie has launched something you'll definitely want to watch weekly – he's cleverly calling it B-REEL – and it is like a video podcast dedicated to helping you navigate the changes coming to the video production industry.

He just launched the first episode yesterday and we were able to get a bit of info about his purpose and goals (see below the video).

You can connect with Den on his Facebook page

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#BREEL Episode #00

Den Lennie has just released the first episode of a brand new web series called #BREEL

The video industry is changing and the days of the hero corporate video are dwindling. The market is dictating change. But with change comes opportunity.

#BREEL is a look at what’s changing in the industry and how to adapt to the new opportunities for video creators around delivering content for social media channels. Content production for social is the new gold rush

Fans of Gary Vaynerchuk, will know how important delivering great content is to small and medium sized businesses. He was quoted recently saying:

“Basically, here’s my overall belief: if you’re a small business, you want to focus on spending your time, money, and effort on creating great content (and a lot of it). You should be spending $85,000 a year on creating quality content and only another $35,000 on paid amplification—not the other way around.”

This is a massive opportunity for video producers to stop pop and align with this new paradigm.

Clients may be spending less on one off videos but they are spending more to create high volumes of shorter duration content to feed an insatiable social media appetite.

Are you ready for this and are you prepared? New episode every Wednesday.

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  1. The subtitling of videos that are very easy to understand has got to stop. Right out of the gate this B-reel thing makes a really annoying post production choice because they think the majority of us watching are morons. Impossible to watch objectively. Not a fan.

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