BREAKING: Black Magic Jumps the NAB Shark and Announces Ursa Mini PRO + New DaVinci Resolve Control Panels

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BlackMagic Design held a press conference online this afternoon and announced several new DaVinci Resolve Control Panels and a new Ursa Mini Pro camera.


Below are the notes I took while watching the live stream… and you can watch it yourself down at the bottom.

Divinci – new workflows for folks doing editing and color correction

Why can't you get film looks with digital? People shooting more film these days because they want the ‘film look' – of course the big guys do it with the control panels in the dedicated coloring suites, but the small guys have much harder time working with a mouse and a keyboard.

Frankly, watching the presentation, for those of us who aren't spending a lot of time learning about color correction, many of the terms flew right over my head.

So they thought about all these creative needs with what people are doing, not where they are doing it.

2 new control panels –

DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel – very small and strong. Powered by USB and can even power from laptop. USB-C. Drivers are included in DaVinci.  Same design trackballs as the advanced panel but they are a tiny bit smaller. Plenty of handy buttons like a full screen button to hide the UI and you can control with the nobs/trackballs etc. Many of the buttons in same positions as the Advanced Panel so you can move back and forth easily. Some nice editor control buttons as well (like next clip etc). $995 – requires 12.5.5 – available today

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel – bigger than the Micro, but smaller than the Advanced. Beta customers really love this! Also fits on racks. Can bolt to a desk as well. Not powered on USB-C. 2995

DaVinci available on Linux now!

They built early cameras for color correction and things have moved on since then. Couldn't pull enough detail out of video cameras. High quality file formats were needed. Want to bring film looks to everything. Wide dynamic range was the highest priority, and wanted people to use photo lenses as well. Wanted tough cameras as well.. Now they want to expand the range

New Ursa Mini Pro

Ursa Mini Pro – The existing wide dynamic range camera that they were free to design

many controls like broadcast and film so it is very flexible.

15 stops of dynamic range

can use as a studio camera as well

tough – built to be very strong

4.6k sensor – UltraHD and HD as well.

CFast and SD UH2 slots – 4 slots – 2 for each type

12  bit log raw

10 bit prores


Broadcast controls are the primary design.

Can change lens mount! Standard is EF – can add PL or Nikon mounts.. Does lens communication which is passed to metadata. Nikon mount is mechanical and will be available mid-year.

3 built in ND filters. 2,4,6 stops. Designed for the camera and are flat response and don't add color.

Auto white balance button on the front. Put card in front and push button.

Audio front end is updated, lower noise etc.

HFR button – set in menus and can set to 24fps and 60fps – punch the button and get the higher frame rate immediately.

Power button is mechanical – gives comfort of knowing the camera is booting after you hit the switch.

External LCD is B&W and works better in bright light (outdoors). The LCD on the flip out panel is 4″ color.

Still frame button – tho not supported in the initial software. They want additional beta feedback. (Note this is the first video camera that might have a decent still photo option!)

Redundancy – wife lives in a remote location in Indonesia and he's worried about something not working – so they've designed it so that you can change just about everything on the LCD if the buttons fail.

SSD recorder is new – attaches between the camera and the battery plate. Also available mid-year.

Price $5995 – includes DaVinci

Ursa Upgrade – $3495 – can move up to Ursa Mini Pro – If you own a verified Ursa, you can upgrade and keep both cameras. Contact re-seller to find out more.

Press Conference Video:

Since it is youtube, you can watch it on double speed if you want and still get the key points LOL.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. “Jumping the shark” is attempting to draw attention to or create publicity for something that is perceived as not warranting the attention, especially something that is believed to be past its peak in quality or relevance. The idiom “jumping the shark” is almost always used in a pejorative sense. – from Wikipedia.

    Is this really what you meant?

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