Were You a Winner of the Tenba Cineluxe Bag Giveaway?

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We just completed the giveaway for the Tenba Cineluxe bags and selected winners and have even heard back from them already (sometimes it takes a while LOL) 

And, there's a new giveaway that just started too. Find out what it is!

Plus, I've started creating a new page where you can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. So here's the giveaway winner page

Tenba Cineluxe Giveaway:

Our first (of hopefully many) giveaway for Tenba. I’ve been using Tenba bags for several years and am eager to try out the Cineluxe – I saw prototypes at NAB. Check their site!


Zsolt from Hungary was the first to respond and therefore got first choice and selected the Cineluxe Roller Bag.

Scott from British Columbia was the second winner selecting the Cineluxe backpack and said this:

I absolutely love planet5D! It's got all the hottest gear and great writeups about new products, it's my go to site for reading about the Canon Mark line!
The imagery on the site is stunning! Sometimes I just like looking at the images to get new ideas on how I can stay competitive in the industry.

Tina from Niagara Falls not only won, but she had her first grand child on the same day!

How I found your company was I was searching forums and blogs regarding some of the best equipment to purchase to take pictures and videos of my grandson and after buying a few key pieces I put out a notice on facebook asking what is a good bag/carrier to buy to carry this all in, well one guy who is a HUGE CAMERA BUFF/GEEK told me to go to your website and take a look around, after all If Im going to spend good money on equipment I would need a good bag to carry and protect it. ( not just the baby! LOL) so I went to your website and I was impressed at what I saw. I didnt have time to make a solid choice at that time because my son called to say his wife just went into labor, so I quickly entered your giveaway thinking, Hey why not? and left for the hospital… WOW I was SHOCKED when I found out I won not only my FIRST grandchild but a AWESOME amazing bag to carry everything in it! planet5D you guys ROCK and I am so excited I can NOT WAIT to share the news its a BOY! with both!!

When I selected the winners, I recorded this video of the process. Some have asked if I could do it live, but I don't think I should as the winner's full name and email address would be visible and I don't have permission to post those, plus I think it is better to get confirmation before sharing that we’ve got winners.

Tenba Cineluxe Bag Giveaway Winner Selection

Tenba’s New Cineluxe Collection

The Tenba Cineluxe Collection is the first to bring a “doctor bag” style opening to backpacks and a carry-on compatible rolling case, allowing uncompromising filmmakers the quickest possible access to their gear when shooting.


  • Speed – the “Doctor-Bag” style opening allows unobstructed access to your gear through a single zipper. The wide opening means there’s no need to break your rig down. Cameras can be stored fully assembled.
  • Customizable with Exclusive Flex-Core Dividers- Both rigid and flexible, these aluminum core dividers provide secure separation between cameras and lenses while still being bendable and easily repositioned to accommodate any type of camera rig.
  • Mobility & Travel – Designed to go anywhere and everywhere with an airline compatible roller and 2 backpack options. Imagine walking up a mountain with a fully built rig!
  • Smart Storage – All bags come with padded wraps and a pouch that allows additional lenses and gear to be safely tucked in anywhere there is an open space.

Here are the Cineluxe bags they offered:

1) Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 21 (MSRP: $219.95) www.tenba.com/products/cineluxe-shoulder-bag-21.aspx
2) Cineluxe Backpack 21 (MSRP: $279.95) www.tenba.com/products/cineluxe-backpack-21.aspx
3) Cineluxe Roller Bag 21(MSRP $359.95) www.tenba.com/products/cineluxe-roller-21.aspx

(cover photo credit: snap from Tenba)


  1. And hey, if Tina, the winner of the shoulder bag, doesn’t have any camera gear she can use it as a diaper bag for her first grandchild! Hehe sorry I had to say it!

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