Tokina ATX 17-35mm F/4 Pro FX V (V for Video!) Review

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The Tokina ATX 17-35mm f4.0 Pro FX V Review… pretty darn cool lens – for both photography and video. Filmmakers will love that it has a built in set of focus gears! No more clumsy attachments! Fits right in with your follow focus. 

They have several other lenses in this “V” range with the gears on the focus ring – see them here tho the 17-35 is currently the only one designed for a full frame camera (which is why I got it).

Now we've seen a couple of other lenses with the focus gear ring, but it hasn't just taken over the market yet either – and I think Tokina's looking to see how much the market really wants something like this. So one thing you can do if you are interested is to comment below and let them know!

So my video is pretty detailed – tho I don't do things like printed focus charts. I show plenty of samples and comparisons to the Canon 24-105L using the same range as the Tokina 17-35. The video tops out at almost 30 minutes (i can hear the complaints now LOL), but I wanted to give a lot of samples and analysis as best I could.

Pros and Cons!


  • Very sharp! Compares equally to the 24-105 L that I tested against
  • Light weight
  • Has a weather seal to keep dirt/dust/moisture out of camera
  • Autofocus
  • Works well with Canon Dual Pixel AF
  • I like the push/pull system for switching from AF to MF – not many lenses are this easy!


  • Autofocus motor a bit noisy – and for video, you'll want to do dual audio and not record with a mic mounted on the camera hot-shoe.
  • In Autofocus mode, can't adjust focus manually like Canon lenses – wasn't a big deal for me tho.
  • Not available in USA from retailers – must order thru Tokina site OR it is available in Europe – in France for example, the retail price of the AT-X17-35 F4.0 PRO FX V Canon with VAT — The recommended retail price is EUR 579.00 … In UK the retail price in Amazon website is £ 429.00

Overall I would rate this a strong buy if you're needing something in this range – for either photo or video use – and the geared focus ring makes it great if you're into follow focus rigs.

Their promo video for the “V” lenses in the collection:

My video review

Shot in 4k so I could attach 4k video shot with the lens.

sample pix

I've uploaded several of the images from the review to my smugmug account. You can see them here!

But here's one – you really need to click thru to see how sharp it is… look at the windows at the top of the arch! They're about 650′ away from where I shot this pic!

Gear used in the review:

Blogger's disclaimer: I was not paid to perform this review, tho I did get to keep the lens. I don't have any other affiliation with Tokina and they did not see the review before it was published and didn't attempt to influence my analysis. But I sure will keep this in my kit! Love this lens. My thanks to them for the opportunity to put it thru the paces (and for their patience with me getting this completed!).

(cover photo credit: snap from me!)

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