“Striking” Display of Non-stop Lightning from the Kansas Sky – Fantastic Promo by Ron Risman

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Something from a while ago that I just had to share… Ron does such great work!

What helps make this special is the music and how he’s timed things to work with the music. Or did he?

The drama created by the lightening and the music is brilliant!

And it made for a great promo video for a storm chasing company as well.

The Most Spectacular 2.5 Minutes of Lightning

Via Youtube:

Two and a half minutes of non-stop lightning captured in 4k resolution just west of Hoxie, Kansas. This was originally a 6 minute video and has been edited down to the most spectacular 2.5 minute lightning show you have ever seen. If you want to get up close and personal to amazing lightning storms and possible tornadoes then make sure to take a trip next spring with TempestTours.com. They are an amazing storm chasing crew that I was fortunate to be one of their participants for this amazing trip in early July, 2016.

The music “Into the Battle” by Ian Post was licensed through Art-list.io, an amazing website that for one flat fee of $199 / year allows you to license as much music as you need.

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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