Sony’s New and Exciting Sensor Shoots Ridiculously Slow Motion Video

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If you’re buying any camera nowadays, whether it’s contained in a smart phone, a high end compact design or a Mirrorless or DSLR, one of the biggest things you’ll look for is High Frame Rate slow motion video. Which makes sense because everybody loves slow motion! 

There are whole YouTube channels created exclusively to show things in slow motion. So where is the bar set these days? It depends on quality.

For a professional camera used in the industry, 60 frames a second seems to be the standard; or judging by professionals I know and work with, it should be. I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll be hovering in that general area until the next generation of cameras is announced. However smart phones and compact cameras—cameras with smaller sensors and lower quality readouts can really put out incredible high frame rate footage. Sometimes up to 240fps. And now Sony’s developed a sensor that can shoot full HD at 1,000fps.

1,000 frames per second is slow enough to see a baseball turn into jell-o after being hit with a bat. It’s really really slow. This crazy low frame rate is all due to the new 3-layer CMOS sensor that, “can capture 19.3-megapixel images in just 1/120th of a second”. That shutter speed creates a huge difference in the amount of rolling shutter that’s captured when using such high frame rates.

While it may take a couple years for this new sensor to make it into your camera or smart phone, it’s a pretty exciting sign for what’s possible.

The Super Slow Motion Movie Taken by 3-layer Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with DRAM

Sony's latest sensor shoots ridiculous slow-mo video

Via engadget:

Sony has unveiled a sensor that could bring some impressive camera tricks to your next smartphone. The 3-layer CMOS sensor does super slow motion at up to 1,000 fps in full HD (1,920 x 1,080), around eight times faster than any other chip. That's possible thanks to a 2-layer sensor married with high speed DRAM that can buffer images extremely rapidly. Specifically, it can capture 19.3-megapixel images in just 1/120th of a second, “four times faster than conventional products,” Sony says.

That kind of readout speed reduces “focal plane distortion,” also known as rolling shutter. On CMOS-equipped cameras, including smartphones and DSLRs, the top of the an image is read before than the bottom, causing vertical lines to tilt on fast moving objects. As Sony shows in a test image (below) a faster 1/120th second readout speed significantly reduces that effect. The result will be better photos of moving objects and reduced wobbly “jello” video.

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  1. wow…. this is amazing! No more rolling shutter??!?! Granted Now is that for slomo only or would that reduce the RS in normal shooting modes too? That’s awesome man, Sony are truly innovating some amazing tech

  2. Amazing that they can get these features in smart phones but not into DSLRs for under 10k… shows you how much companies like Sony are holding back.

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